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Smoking Addiction

Website Listings
Teen Smoking Partner Listing
Teen Smoking - A major social problem.
features a step-by-step plan to quit smoking. Also offers cessation aids.
with effects, tips on how to stop, and medications that assist in smoking cessation.

4 Corners Stop Smoking Pharmacy
suppliers of medications and products that assist in smoking cessation.

Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking
international network of smoking cessation clinics.

Beat Their Butts Anti-smoking Interactive Series
computer game designed for teens who are not paying attention to the standard anti-smoking reasoning.

Butt Out
all-natural herbal smoking deterrents.
sells Nicorette gum.

creates all-natural smoking deterrent products to break or control the nicotine habit in a safe and natural way.

offers a patented homeopathic formula to help users quit smoking in as little as five days.

Clean Break Smokers' Treatment Program
cognitive treatment program for smoking cessation which includes intensive one-on-one counseling.

features a tailored quit smoking plan combined with stop smoking aids from NiQuitinCQ. Get information on quitting smoking, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and nicotine replacement therapy.

Committed Quitters
personalized resource used in conjunction with the patch or gum to help quit smoking.

Community Intervention
educational supplemental materials and professional development to help at-risk youth on alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use, as well as tobacco intervention, cessation, and life skills.

Crafe Away
smokeless cigarette with a tobacco taste but without tar and nicotine to help smokers give up.

E-Z Quit
quit smoking the easy way with reusable E-Z Quit smokeless artificial flavored cigarette cartridges.
herbal smoking cessation system.

Herbal De-Nics
offers natural herbal supplements to help people quit smoking.

sells smokeless cigarettes to help quit smoking.

Longherb Health Products
offer herbal aroma and Chinese herbal cigarettes to help quit smoking.

Medical Hypnosis
sells hypnosis CDs for weight loss and smoking cessation.

Mind Focus
offering a 6-week program designed to help you stop smoking.

Mint Snuff
weaning program to quit chewing tobacco.

provides therapeutic support to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

products for nicotine replacement therapy.

Oregon Mint Snuff Company
alternative to chewing tobacco and smoking.

Personal Improvement Computer Systems, Inc.
selling LifeSign, a Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco aid, and DietMate, a weight, cholesterol, and hypertension control aid.

Phase Out
allows smokers to continue smoking their preferred brand while reducing harmful chemical intake.

Positive Greetings
inspirational greeting cards designed to lovingly motivate your loved one to stop smoking.

Quit Cigarette Smoking
offers products and information to help quit smoking cigarettes.

Quit For Good
control your subconscious and physical urge to smoke with this audio cassette course. Eliminate smoking in 7 days without stress, chemicals, or demanding willpower.

Quit Smoking Company
information and products to help smokers quit.

Quit Smoking Guaranteed
offers herbal products to aid in a quitting program.

Quit Smoking in 7 Days
offers the SmokeRX natural smoking cessation program designed to eliminate cravings and help people stop smoking for good.

Quit Smoking Now
offers strategies for dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and help selecting the right quit smoking aid based on smoking habits.

Quit Smoking Online
provides online help for beating a smoking addiction.

Quit Smoking Stop Smoking & Quitting Help Online
offers natural herbal aids engineered to help quit smoking and break other habits.
offers links for simple cessation products and programs to help stop nicotine addictions for good.
provides information and support for quitting smoking.

Quitting Smoking
offers a nicotine craving suppressant.

all-natural herbal therapy that promises smoking cessation within seven days.

SmokEnders is the Oldest and Most Successful Smoking Cessation
Seminar Program Ever Devised.

Smoker's Rescue
Quit smoking in 7 days!
Amazing smoker's rescue! System Crush withdrawals, flush out nicotine, calm cravings. Powerful, proven, safe and effective.

Smokers Edge
herbal cigarette substitute.

Smokey Mountain Snuff
contains no tobacco or nicotine. Made from herbs and tastes like popular tobacco snuff brands.
offers an online smoking cessation program.

State of Health Products
resource for anti-tobacco products and information.

Stop Smoking and Quit Forever
sells products to help quit smoking.

Stop Smoking Patch
non-nicotine natural herbal patch to help users stop smoking with no side effects.

Stop Smoking Secrets
offers education and resources on smoking and tips on how to quit.

Stop Smoking with Patricia Allison
program for treating addiction to nicotine in total privacy.
offers information on quitting smoking.
interactive online quit smoking program that includes educational material and a professionally moderated support group.
offers gum, patches, inhalers, and more for those trying to quit smoking.

The Smoke Stop
Offers The Cure, a technique to stop smoking and stay quit with or without pills, patches, gum, or weight gain.

Weekly Warnings
sends weekly and medically current warning messages to smokers and smokeless tobacco users.

from GlaxoSmithKline. Includes information on the prescription pill that offers an alternate nicoti


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