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Substance Abuse

Birmingham Drug Abuse Rehab
Bradford Health Services is dedicated to creating effective and affordable chemical dependency treatment programs.
Address: 631 Beacon Parkway West, Suite 211, Birmingham, AL 35209 | Phone: (800) 293-7191

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National Substance Abuse Index Partner Listing
Comprehensive guide to national and local resources addressing alcoholism and drug abuse.

Drug Abuse Partner Listing
You can find information about drug abuse, child abuse and abuse treatment.

William Gladden Foundation Partner Listing
This nonprofit organization website hosts a library of free publications about addiction and substance abuse issues.

Courage To Change, P.C.
Bilingual individual & group therapy for alcohol & drug Dependency, marital counseling, anger management.

Drink/Link Moderate Drinking Programs
offering moderate drinking programs and products to modify problem drinking habits, reduce alcohol consumption, and prevent alcoholism.

Ecstasy Addiction
offers drug, addiction, and recovery information provided by Narconon Arrowhead.

Integrates and seals together in a single frame the ENDSP and CEENDSP, coordinated by Cranstoun Drug Services, and the European Network on HIV and Hepatitis Prevention in Prison, coordinated by WIAD, the Scientific Institute of the German Medical Association.

Heroin Addiction
offers drug and addiction information provided by Narconon Arrowhead.

International Coalition for Drug Awareness
A group of physicians, researchers, journalists, and concerned citizens dedicated to educating others about the dangers posed by many Rx medicines.

Intervention Services
offering executive and family interventions for substance abuse.

Intervention Solutions
Offering services to help family members affected by alcoholism, substance abuse, and gambling addiction.

Julie Kelly & Associates
offers Systemic Family Intervention to educate families affected by alcoholism, drugs, and co-dependency.

Kick Cocaine and Conquer
a program for cocaine addiction recovery. Workshop and book.

Methamphetamine Addiction
provides history, news, stories, and addiction information for the drug from Narconon Arrowhead.

Methamphetamine Addiction and Recovery
Medical, treatment, and self help group information. Personal stories.
provides information, news, community forums, and treatment assistance for OxyContin addiction and abuse.

Slugger's Path
Provides information and materials to treatment center staff and consumers in order to support understanding, compassionate care, and total recovery.

The Kelly Foundation
Provides education and treatment programs for individuals and professionals.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University
Think tank that focuses on the study of all forms of substance abuse, and h


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