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A. Titan Instruments, Inc.
a direct supplier of specialty dental and surgical instruments.

Accu Bite Dental Supply

AIT Dental
manufacturer of specialized dental products for professionals and consumers to prevent oral health problems such as periodontal (gum) disease, and advanced products for oral hygiene.

manufacturer and distributor of dental, endodontic, and peridontic devices.

Ampco Dental Equipment Company

Analytic Endodontics
endodontic products and services.

APO Health
dental, medical and veterinary supplies.

Apollo Dental Products, Inc.
manufacturer of dental air compressors and vacuum systems.

Applied Dental, Inc.
manufacturer of a range of disposable products for dental professionals and consumers.

Aurident, Inc.
supplies ceramic alloys, casting gold, dental solders and platinum foil and offers scrap refining services.

Bausch Articulating Papers

Beaverstate Dental Inc.
manufactures a wide variety of quality dental delivery systems and components specializing in economical dental equipment without compromising quality.

Benco Dental

Best Buy Dental Supply
offering a complete line of dental supplies with a searchable online catalog.

Bisco Inc.
specialists in adhesive and composite technology for the dental profession.

Bumi Dental Supplies
distributes and supplies dental practice equipment.

combines gold with other dental materials to create crowns and bridges produced through capillary attraction.

Cardent International, Inc.
manufacturer and exporter of dental lab equipment and supplies, hand pieces, needles, porcelain and resin materials.

Clarion Financial
provides financing exclusively to dental professionals.

Comtech Dental Inc.
offers intraoral cameras, imaging software, digital radiography, patient education, and computer networking.

Cooley & Cooley, Ltd.
manufacturers of dental products, including Copalite.

Crutcher Dental Supply
specializing in dental supplies and equipment, service, and installation.

Cutting Edge Technology
supplier and manufacturer of dental instruments.

Darby Dental Lab Co. Inc.
source for abrasives, acrylics, burs, casting materials, diamonds, dies, equipment, instruments, teeth, waxes and more.

Darby Dental Supply Co. Inc
supplier of dental products and services.

Darway, Inc.
offers Palodent matrices and Bi Tine ring separators and retainers.

Dent Corp Research and Development
developers of a crown and bridge remover.

Dent-All Corporation
wholesale distributor of dental equipment and supplies including chairs, handpieces, and motors.

Dental Equipment Specialists
sells new and used dental equipment including compressors, autoclaves, chairs, and more. Provides in-office service.

Dental Espaņa
products for dental clinics, dental laboratories and jewelry.

Dental International
producer of DSA treatment units, specializes in the fitting out of dental practices according to the DSA principle.

Dental Source Network
offers dental hygiene products in unique gift sets as well as Postcard Expressions appointment reminders and greeting cards.

Dental Technology Specialists
Offering consulting and products related to digital dental technology including digital X-ray, digital imaging, and digital intraoral photography

Dental X Change
offers products, resources, job listings, and more.

Dental X Change
offers products, resources, job listings, and more.

DenTool USA
sells and services new, used, and refurbished dental equipment and computer systems.


offering a variety of gold-plated diamond dental burs. Includes product and contact information.

offers diamond dental burs and diamond drill bits for dental professionals, as well as for drilling glass, mirrors, tile, and ceramics, and carving scrimshaw and eggs.

Expodent Inc.
provides oral restoration products from the USA to Poland, Czech Republic, and the Caribbean. Online information about implant systems, grafting, plaster, and more.

Franklin Dental Supply, Inc.

Goetze Dental Supply
offers an array of dental supplies, equipment, and services.

Golden Gate Dental Supply Inc.
supplier of dental products and equipment, including chairs, autoclaves, tools, and more.

Goldman Products
dental tools, hand instruments & retipping services.

Harry J. Bosworth Company
providing a full line of dental products for procedures in asepsis, orthodontics, fixed prosthodontics, removable prosthodontics, crown & bridge and impression materials.

Henry Schein, Inc.
direct marketer of healthcare supplies and services worldwide.

Heraeus Kulzer Dental Products
selling 'Kulzer' products such as Charisma and Durafill composites, as well as laboratory composites and acrylics.

dental supplies, gloves, infection control products, masks, composites, tissues, and more.

IMTEC Corporation
manufactures and distributes dental implants around the world.

International Trading Company
distributor and wholesaler of dental products including clinical and laboratory.

J.E Services & Dental Supplies
distributors of dental supplies, equipment, and laboratory products.

producer of flexible saliva ejectors and other disposable items for dental use.

manufacturer of products for dentists and dental technicians.

Keller Laboratories
manufactures dental prosthetics, ranging from crowns to dentures.

Lane Instrument Corp.
providing supplies and instruments, including stethoscopes and blood pressure apparatus, to medical and dental professionals.

Lares Research Inc.
includes handpieces, air abrasion, dental lasers, and water delivery systems.

M.O. Yale Dental
offers dental instrument re-tipping and sharpening services in addition to curettes, scalers, toothbrushes, impression gun holders, and ultrasonic inserts.
medical equipment and supplies for dentists.

Microbrush Corporation
miniature applicators, new products and specialty brushes.

Miller Dental Chair Upholstery
offering several styles and colors.

Models Plus
produces dental and anatomical models that serve as sales and educational tools for dentists, schools, and businesses.

Nephron Corporation
offers an array of dental supplies and equipment.

Next Day Dental Supply
features a complete line of dental supplies with an online searchable catalog.

NIOM Scandinavian Institute of Dental Materials
nonprofit institution for testing, research, and certification of dental materials

North American Orthodontic Laboratory
full service orthodontic laboratory and supply company.

offers a line of dental operatories and exam chairs.

features dental profession novelty items and presents, such as T-shirts, clothes, hats, mugs, and stationery.

OraFlow, Inc.
information on Periotron for measuring gingival crevicular fluid volume and saliva film thickness.

OralSensor Interactive Appliance
technology combines the benefits of an TMJ appliance with biofeedback to control nighttime clenching and grinding habits in TMJ patients.

Orascoptic Research
dental magnification, illumination, and ergonomic seating supplies.

Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.
offering prophylaxis paste used by dental professionals to clean and desensitize teeth.

Orthopics Paper
specializes in inkjet paper for orthodontic and dental images, digital x-ray, montages, referral letters, and digital photography. Compatible with all inkjet printers.

Osada, Inc.
distributor of medical/dental equipment for general dentistal community.

Pacific Abrasives, Inc.
represents an Italian manufacturer of silicone polishing wheels, serving the dental and jewelers industries.

Panoramic Corporation
manufacturer and designer of panoramic X-Ray equipment for dentists.

Paramount Dental Products
suppplier of endodontic and dental restoration products.

Patterson Dental Supply
Distributor of dental products, software, clinical and laboratory equipment, and services to dentists, dental laboratories, institutions, and other healthcare providers throughout North America.

Pearson Dental Supply, Inc

PhotoMed International
35mm & Polaroid cameras, dental photographic mirrors, accessories for clinical photography.

Popp Dental Supply

PracticeWares Dental Supply
national distributor of professional-use dental products and merchandise.

Practicon Dental
offers professional dental supplies and oral hygiene products including safety glasses, latex gloves, and needle holders.

Practicon Dental
offers professional dental supplies and oral hygiene products including safety glasses, latex gloves, and needle holders.

Ramvac Dental Vacuum Systems
water-free dental vacuum equipment.

Renfert GmbH
products include items used in blasting and wax technology, model production, and surface treatment.

Rhodes to Health
dental supply company specializing in preventive instruments and supplies.

Royal Dental Group
manufactures a line of dental equipment.

Roydent Dental Products
supplier of endodontic products.

S&C Polymer GmbH
private label production of composites, adhesives, cements, temporary materials, fissure sealants, impression materials.

S.H.T. Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
offers illuminated and disposable mouth mirrors, tongue cleaners, toothpicks, dental kits, tooth brushes, dental floss, and more.

Schick Technologies
producer of digital radiography devices used in dental x-ray computer imaging systems.

diamond tool makers.

distributes and supports a line of products for dental labs.
supplier of patient communication postcards and products, clinical supplies, and gloves.

Speed Dental & Speed Fabric
sells wholesale dental supplies & fabric.

Spencer Mead Dental Wholesalers

manufacturers and distributors of Bioguard athletic mouthguards.

Straumann AG
world-wide supplier of comprehensive systems for oral implantology, restaurative dentistry, and orthodontics.

The Dental Depot
Dental equipment sales dealer, office design


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