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AccSys Technology, Inc.
manufacturer of Positron Emission Tomography isotope production equipment.

Accurate Medical Diagnostics (AMD)
offers new and used imaging equipment.

AccuSync Medical Research Corporation
manufactures R-wave triggering devices for gated cardiac studies and nuclear medicine equipment.

Acuson Corp

Agfa Medical Imaging
offers conventional and digital imaging systems including laser and dry printers, film and processor, PACS and computed radiology, mammography.

Algotec Systems Ltd.
develops and markets software solutions for radiology, radiation therapy, teleradiology and healthcare information sharing.

worldwide supplier of new and refurbished imaging equipment offering multiple brands and modalities.

Alliance Imaging
Provider of diagnostic imaging and therapeutic systems and related technical services.

American Allied Nuclear
sells and services new and refurbished imaging systems as well as parts and accessories.

American Medical Technology, Inc.
sales and service of medical imaging equipment.

Amersham Health
detecting loss of functional dopaminergic neuron terminals in order to help differentiate Essential Tremor from Parkinsonian Syndromes related toidiopathic Parkinson's Disease (PD).

Analogic Corporation
Custom designer and manufacturer of advanced systems and subsystems sold to major medical, industrial, and telecommunications OEMs.

Anatomical Travelogue Inc.
medical imaging specialists create multidimensional anatomical animations, illustrations, and stories.

providers of x-ray, radiography, and tomography instruments and imaging systems products and services; used for testing, inspection, detection, and engineering.

AS Software Inc.
ultrasound reporting system and image archival system ob/gyn professionals.

BC Technical
offers service, parts, and refurbished systems for ADAC nuclear medicine imaging gamma cameras.

Berlex Imaging
offers a range of contrast agents employed in hospital and outpatient radiology and nuclear medicine procedures.

Bio-Imaging Technologies
specializes in the design and management of the imaging portion of clinical trials.

international research, production and marketing of contrast media.

C&A X-Ray
sales and service of x-ray processing equipment, laser imagers, daylight film handling, motorized viewers, reconditioned equipment, and more.

CADx Systems
developers of computer-aided detection systems for digital mammography and lung and colon CTs.

Calumet Coach Company
manufacturer and integrator of high technology mobile systems for the healthcare, industrial, communications and military markets.

Camtronics Medical Systems
provides digital imaging and network technology.

Carpe eDatum
offers products for the delivery of electronic medical images and diagnostic reports to referring physicians via the Internet.

research and development, production and marketing of nuclear medicine diagnostic equipment including brain scanners.

ChromaVision Medical Systems
Develops and manufactures an automated cellular imaging system for a wide variety of clinical and research applications.

CMT Medical Technologies
manufacturer of the FluoroPlus, real-time digital imaging systems for medical X-ray applications.

Compix Incorporated
manufacturer of cost effective thermal imaging measurement systems.

Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc.
working to develop a new breast cancer screening tool that uses thermal imaging and computer software.

ComView Corporation
an OEM manufacturer of medical imaging systems, specializing in DICOM compliant products.

CTF Systems Inc.
manufacturers advanced, whole head MEG and EEG systems, for use in both clinical and research environments.

Supplier of products and services for the positron emission tomography market.

DiagnostiCare Inc.
specializing in diagnostic imaging services.

develops, manufactures and markets Digital Laser Scanners for clinics and laboratories for dental imaging.

manufacturer of a solid-state digital gamma camera that measures physiological activity.

Digiray Corporation
manufacturer of an all-digital ultra high-contrast imaging system capable of the highest throughput. Real-time 3D, laminography and advanced image-enhancement capabilities.

Diversified Services of South Florida
offers brokerage services for used medical imaging equipment.

Dome Imaging Systems
manufacturer of medical imaging hardware and software.

Dornier Medical Systems, Inc.

DWL Elektronische Systeme GmbH
doppler units for transcranial, extracranial, peripheral and intraoperative examinations.

E. M. Parker Co., Inc.
supplier of diagnostic medical imaging products and services since 1922.

Eidam usa
offers thermographic instruments and software for bio-terrain scanning for the physician and dentist.

Elbit Medical Imaging
Engaged in diagnostic imaging and imaging guided therapy.

manufacturer of portable endoscopic video examination recording equipment.

Engineering Research And Development Associates (ERDA)
designer/manufacturer of lightweight aircraft crew and cabin seats, ovens and galleys. Also supports the medical imaging systems industry.

Fischer Imaging
manufacturer and marketer of digital mammography and medical imaging systems.

Florida Hospital Advanced Medical Physics Services
offers intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) training, consulting, education and treament services for radiation oncology centers, medical offices, and hospitals.

FluoroScan Imaging Systems
manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art, low intensity, and real time x-ray imaging devices.

FSExpress, Inc.
service hospitals and imaging clinics as a consortium of expert independent field service engineers.

Fuji Medical Systems, USA
provides conventional X-ray film and digital imaging systems including computed radiography (CR) and printers.

G & G Technologies
refurbisher of new and used Toshiba medical imaging equipment and parts for the nuclear imaging market.

service, manufacturer, and supplier of radiation detection, measuring instruments, and ancillary items for the health, radiological, and nuclear medicine fields.

Gentronics International
new and used diagnostic medical ultrasound and imaging equipment.

GEX Corporation
provides industrial radiation dosimetry products and services for gamma, electron beam, and x-ray irradiation process facilities.

Given Imaging
Develops swallowable imaging capsules for the detection of pathologies as an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis of small bowel gastrointestinal disorders and diseases.

Gordon Instruments
radiographic viewing equipment and high intensity illumination systems used with digitized cameras.

Heart CT Profile
scan of the heart that detects and measures the amount of calcium build-up in coronary arteries.

Heartlab Inc
digital image and information management solutions for cardiology.

Helioasis, Inc.
providing digital image capture systems, specializing in the ophthalmic market. Will manufacture custom systems to adapt to any other medical specialty.

specializes in the sales of medical cameras and other video imaging equipment.

supplier of medical X-ray equipment, radiological, dental and mobile machines.

Image House Medical
develops and supplies medical equipment for fertility data registration, semen and embryo analysis as well as turnkey dicom streaming solutions.

Image Process Design

Imaging Diagnostic Systems
developer of the computer tomography laser mammography.

Imaging Products 1
offers plotter and chart recorder pens including Pagewriter, Xy recorder and Strip chart pens, Ekg cable and paper.

Imaging Services, Inc.
provides C-arm, C-arm tables, parts and accessories.

Imagyn Medical, Inc.
provider of minimally invasive devices in women's health care, specifically in the fields of gynecological surgery and infertility.

design and manufactures piezocomposite ultrasonic transducers for medical & industrial applications. Semi-standard and custom engineered products are available.

maker of electron beam tomography scanners.

Independent Service Network International (ISNI)

manufacturer of digital X-ray image acquisition systems and viewing software.

InfoMedia Incorporated
remote medical imaging system.

makers of medical imaging instrumentation and accessories.

Instrumentarium Imaging
manufactures anaesthesia and critical care equipment.

Interlabs Corporation
supplier of video cameras, printers, and recorders, monitors, and media for medical applications.

develops, manufactures and markets intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, diagnostic imaging catheters and combined angioplasty imaging catheters.

LightLab Imaging, LLC
develops and commercializes Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology.

Lucid Technologies, Inc
engineering and manufacturing electro-optical products.

designs, manufactures, and markets a family of precision digitizers that convert medical images on film or video into digital format.

Margraf Corporation
cephalometric systems, round and rectangular cones, tmj radiograph positioners, position indicating devices, film positioning instruments and other dental x-ray positioners and devices

MDM X-Ray Products and Accessories
distributor of a line of radiology accessories and equipment including darkroom, medical, dental, and veterinary products.

designer and manufacturer of devices and systems for radiotherapy.

Medi/Nuclear Corporation, Inc.
produces aerosol and gas delivery systems for lung imaging or pulmonary ventilation studies in nuclear medicine.

Medical Advances
designs, manufactures, and sells radio frequency coils for magnetic resonance imaging scanners compatible with most manufacturers and field strengths.

Medical Imaging Systems
suppliers of x-ray, mammography, digital, flouroscopy, c-arm, and mobile equipment. Also offers related accessories.

PACS and teleradiology company specializing in DICOM compliant products.

to provide better healthcare through affordable, yet technologically advanced ultrasound.

Merge eFilm
Provider of diagnostic imaging connectivity hardware and software.

Philips Medical Systems
product line includes technologies in X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, tomography, radiation oncology systems, patient monitoring, and resuscitation products.

R. P. Kincheloe
distributes diagnostic imaging systems.

Siemens Medical Systems
suppliers of products, services, and solutions including imaging systems for diagnosis and therapy equipment, electromedicine and hearing instruments, and IT solutions for workflow optimization of hospitals, clinics,


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