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Allchemical Distributing
offers laboratory equipment and chemicals.

Analytical Instruments, Ltd
sales and service of reconditioned analytical, medical, clinical, laboratory, and surgical equipment.

pipette calibration systems.

Awareness Technology
cost-effective laboratory instruments for EIA and general chemistry.

BioLogics, Inc.
manufactures the Omnicon and Samba image analyzers as well as automated colony counters and sonic dismembrators.

bioMerieux Vitek
provider of automated microbiology and immunoassay instruments for clinical and industrial laboratories.

BioTrading Group
distributes associated propriety products like dehydrated media, diagnostic test kits and plastic disposables covering the range of needs of microbiology customers.

BR Instrument
specializing in distillation equipment for a variety of applications.

designs and manufactures laboratory equipment for the biomedical research industry including automated sample preparation and harvesting systems, superfusion systems, microdispensers, filter paper, test plates, and more.

CenMed Online
offers lab and medical supplies for blood specimen collection, microbiology, pathology, cytology, hematology, histology, lab reagents, and lab safety.

Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc.
contract provider of sterile vials and syringes to the pharmaceutical industry.

Cima Scientific Products
sales and marketing of medical, clinical, and laboratory supplies. Specializing in exporting to Latin America.

Diamond Diagnostics
specializes in refurbished clinical laboratory equipment, spare parts, and consumables.

DiaSys Corporation
Designs, develops, manufactures and distributes workstation products which standardize and reduce the cost for analyzing body fluids.

provides laboratory equipment for in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dot Scientific Incorporated
distribution company for laboratory supplies and equipment with a primary focus on biomedical research.

Drummond Scientific Company
manufactures pipets, oocyte injectors, capillary microdispensers, and microcentrifuge tube decappers.

E & K Scentific
specializes in high throughput screening and robotics supplies, as well as general laboratory plasticware.

Eisoc Labs
scientific and laboratory supplies.

offering products to research facilities and laboratories of biology, medicine, and chemistry.

Evergreen Scientific
includes a catalog of their equipment, general company info and samples by mail.

Geiger Medical Technologies, Inc.
manufactures line powered thermal cautery units for the laboratory, and thermal cautery electrodes.

Genex Ltd.
produces slide handling systems.

Gibson Laboratories, Inc.
manufacturers of prepared culture media, microbiology supplies, reagents, and prepared culture plates and tubes.

Globe Scientific Inc.
supplier of routine and non-routine plastic disposables for the laboratory.

Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc.
supplies products to the anatomical pathology market.

High Tech Lab
specializes in the production of liquid handling products and single-use disposable and general purpose lancets.

Hospitex Diagnostics
producer of basic instruments for biochemistry analyzers, blood cell counters and reagents.

Instrumentation Laboratory
provides instruments for the diagnoses of blood via Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, and critical care or blood gas.

produtos para laboratorios de analises clinicas e triagem neonatal.

ISE Interface Systems Engineering Ltd.
designs and manufactures shakers, counters, and coolers for university and medical research laboratories.

Jepson Bolton
European laboratory equipment.

L & J Calibrations
specializes in the repair and calibration of pipettes. Offers mail-in and on-site services.

Laboratory Products Sales
LPS is a world wide distributor of laboratory supplies and equipment to the biomedical research community.

Labworld Inc.

Lennox Laboratory Supplies Ltd.

M.I.T. Service Inc.
provides new and remanufactured clinical laboratory instrumentation, spare parts, consumables and reagents.

Medical Chemical Corporation
manufacturer and distributor of laboratory reagents, chemicals, germicides and test kits. Offices in California and New Jersey.

Medical Laboratory Solutions
maintain, service, repair, and refurbish laboratory equipment.

Medix Corporation
medical and laboratory supplies.

Medstor, Inc.
makers of a full line of medical/pharmaceutical storage systems.

Mega Diagnostic, Inc
kits, equipments and rapid test.

Micro Probe, Inc.
distributor, manufacturer of metal microelectrodes for research and clinical use.

Nichiryo America, Inc.
distributes, supports, and services pipettes and automatic liquid handling systems.

PCI Medical
manufacturer of ductless fume heads for glutaraldehyde and other chemicals.

Precision Pipette
offers mail-in or on site technicians to calibrate and repair single, multi-channel and electronic pipettes.

Rankin Biomedical Corporation
source for pre-owned and refurbished medical equipment.

Rapid Calibration Services, Inc.
offers pipette calibration and services.

Raymond A. Lamb, LLC
manufactures a range of laboratory supplies including slide and cassette markers, waxes, stains, wash bottles, and embedding accessories.

Sanyo Biomedical
medical and laboratory equipment, including ultra-low temperature freezers, incubators, and pharmaceutical refrigerators.

Savant/E-C Apparatus
manufacturer of quality laboratory instruments.

Sedona Lab Products
offers blood staining and slide preparation equipment and ancillary supplies.

Shelton Scientific

So-Low Environmental Equipment Co., Inc.
manufacturers of low temperature laboratory freezers and refrigerators for the medical, pharmacy, and industrial markets.

Southern Instrument Maintenance
offers mail-in pipette repair and calibration service.

Spectron Corporation
specializing in fully warranted rebuilt laboratory instrumentation.

TCS Biosciences
manufacturer and distributor of animal blood products, plasma, serum, microbiological diagnostic kits, malaria symptoms diagnosis, and quality control products.

Texa-Lab, Inc.
alternate source of supplies, service parts, consumables and technical support for Technicon® Ra® and H*® Systems.

distributor of diagnostic tests for the detection of Helicobacter pylori, the leading cause of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Trycom, Inc.
clinical laboratory spare parts including Technicon RA and XT series, and Beckman Astra and CX series.

United Scientific Products
online ordering for biomedical laboratory supplies including PCR tubes, pipet tips, microtubes, and tube racks.

Utech Products
offering online laboratory products catalog.

pulmonary, respiratory, exercise stress testing, gas analysis, ventilation and body fat measurements. Also treadmills, exercise bicycles, ergometers, heart rate monitors.

Walker Safety Cabinets Ltd.
manufactures, distributes, and services micro biological safety cabinets, flow hoods, and clean rooms.

Walu Labortechnik
manufacturer of liquid handling equipment, such as bottletop dispensers, digital burettes, and pipette controller.

Wescor, Inc
instruments, reagents and supplies for clinical and life science laboratories. Instruments and sensing devices for crop and soil


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