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A&E Medical Corporation
specialty medical products for cardiovascular surgery and the operating room.

A. F. Leis Co., Inc.
contract manufacturer of orthopedic implants and medical devices.

A.R. Medicom, Inc.
manufacturer of dental and medical disposable supplies.

Aaron Medical Industries
manufacturers cauteries and nerve locaters.

Accusil, Inc.
integrated supplier and contract manufacturer of OEM silicone medical devices and components.

Acor Orthopaedic, Inc.
custom therapeutic footwear manufacturer in the U.S. We also offer a full line of Quikfit pre-molded foot orthotics and multi-duometer fabricating materials.

Advanced Analytical Research in Drug Exposure (AARDEX)
provides the pharmaceutical industry with electronic monitoring devices for patient compliance and customizable software for compliance analysis.

Advanced Instrument Development, Inc.
manufacturer of medical diagnostic and industrial X-ray systems and subsystems.

Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed)
nonprofit association representing medical device manufacturers, makers of medical equipment, and innovators of medical technology.

Advanced Polymers, Inc.
manufacturer and designer of polyester (PET) heat shrink tubing, high pressure angioplasty balloons, custom catheter assemblies, and custom extruded tubing.

Advanced Surgi-Pharm
distributor and manufacturer of surgical, neurological, orthopedic and ob/gyn instruments and supplies.

Advanced Tissue Sciences
tissue engineering company engaged in the development of living human tissue products for therapeutic applications.

developer of handheld pulmonary drug delivery inhalers for systemic treatment via sprays in the 1-4 micron range that access the alveoli and bloodstream.

Alaris Medical Systems
Provider of intravenous infusion pumps, periodic patient monitoring devices, and related disposables.

manufacturer of disposable protective clothing for the medical and dental industry.

Alpha Omega Engineering
develops and manufactures biomedical research and monitoring equipment.

Ambulatory Monitoring Inc.
equipment and software for monitoring actigraphy, light exposure and respiration in freely moving, ambulatory subjects.

American Health and Safety

American Medical Instruments, Inc.
OEM of medical needles, assemblies and components. Specializing in products for regional anesthesia and infusion therapy.

Andover Coated Products
producer of adhesive tapes and cohesive bandages for the sports, medical, industrial first aid and veterinary markets.

Apollo Corporation
manufactures specialized whirlpool bathing equipment for healthcare facilities.

Apothecaries Sundries Manufacturing Company
medical, surgical and hospital instruments.

Applied Medical Technology, Inc.
manufacturer of gastrostomy products. Also contains a listing of informational resources for gastrostomy patients.

Aqua Electric, Inc.
manufactures water therapy pools.

ARK Therapeutic Services
designs and manufactures products for speech and occupational therapists.

Arrow International, Inc.
Producer of critical-care supplies, mainly disposable catheters

Artromick International, Inc.
Offers a selection of medication carts and medical carts for nursing homes and hospitals including treatment, emergency, anesthesia, isolation, and general procedure carts.

Asia Medical Systems
specializes in the design and manufacture of ultra-short and open superconducting MRI magnets, self-shielding gradient coils, RF coils, superconducting switches, and more.

Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers - AMDM
U.S. respresentative of manufacturers of medical devices and diagnostic products.

Atlas Surgical Company
manufacturers and exporters of medical and anaesthesia equipment, microscopes, hospital apparel, diagnostic instruments, and hospital holloware.

Axon Systems
manufactures and distributes intraoperative and ICU neurological monitoring systems using EEG, EMG and evoked potential modalities.

B & L Engineering
designs, manufactures, and sells gait analysis equipment such as the Stride Analyzer, EMG Analyzer software, Active Surface EMG Electrodes, Footswitches, Pinch Gauges, and Scoop Dishes

B.Braun - Asia Pacific
manufactures medical and pharmaceutical products.

Balt Extrusion
manufactures catheters for interventional neuroradiology and angioplasty.

Basic American Medical Products
manufacturer of products for hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare and rehabilitation, including patient room furnishings, patient aids for daily living, and other specialty items.

Baxa Corporation
world-wide provider of systems and devices to meet the Health-System Pharmacy's needs in handling and administering fluid medications.

Baxter Healthcare
Manufacturer and marketer of bioscience, medication delivery, and renal products and services.

Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials
develops and manufactures reconstructive hydroxyapatite bone grafts for simulating bone growth.

Bertec Corporation
research and development of force plates for biomechanical applications.

Bio Electronics Pty. Ltd.
produces battery operated, combined nerve, muscle, soft-tissue and bone stimulators for rehabilitation and drug free pain relief.

Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.
instruments for calibration, testing, and evaluation of patient related products.

Biocompatibles International
develops commercial applications and technology for eyecare, cardiology and urology.

Biocontrol Technology
manufactures and markets biomedical and environmental products.

BioCore Medical Technologies, Inc.
manufacturing collagen wound management materials.

Biogeneral Inc.
develops and manufactures polymer fiber and miniature tubing for medical use.

BioMedical Life Systems, Inc.
manufactures the following: transcutaneous electroneuro stimulators and microcurrent devices;muscle stimulators;interferential and high volt pulsed stimulators.

Biomedical Monitoring
specialises in the field of data logging equipment for applications requiring long term, high capacity, unobtrusive recording of physiological variables.

Designs, manufactures, and markets products used primarily by orthopedic medical specialists in both surgical and non-surgical therapy.

Bioplate, Inc
manufactures and sells cranial-maxillo-facial plates, screws, instruments, sets.

Biopro Handelsgesellschaft mbH.
supplier of medical products specializing in cardiology, electrophysiology, neurology, ecg/pacemaker, and pain management products.

birthing stool.

Blaufuss Medical Multimedia
develops clinical simulators for health care trainees and professionals for personal computers, networks, and the Internet using actual patient data and custom animations.

Boston Scientific: HTA Endometrial Ablation System
offers a treatment alternative to hysterectomy for women with excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia).

Braintek Electronics Co., Ltd.
maker of pedometers, timers, stopwatches, thermometers, calorie meters, body fat analyzers, and more.

Braun & Company Ltd.
medical equipment manufacturer providing anaesthetic machines and products that completely equip hospitals and clinics through turnkey contracts.

Cadwell Laboratories, Inc.
supplies EP, EMG, NCV, digital EEG, and other electroneurodiagnostic medical equipment.

Cambridge Technology
developer of biomedical research instrumentation, specializing in optical scanners.

CardioCommand, Inc
manufactures transesophageal pacing and ECG monitoring devices.

Carolina Medical, Inc.
manufacturer of ultrasound, urology, and brachytherapy systems.

CAS Medical Systems
developer, manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic equipment and medical products for the health care industry.

Case Medical, Inc.
medical instrument sterilization case/tray systems and custom medical instruments.

Catheter Research, Inc.
contract development and manufacturing of catheters and related medical devices.

Cell Robotics International, Inc.
develops and manufactures laser-based medical devices, with applications for blood sample collection, skin resurfacing, and in vitro fertilization.

Charter Medical, Ltd.
manufactures catheters and bioprocess bags for the blood and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Chester Labs
manufactures personal care products for health care facilities.

Cimex Bio-tech, LLC
designs and sells biomedical devices including a pesticide moleculer marking system.

Circulatory Technology Inc.
manufacturers of cardiovascular surgical equipment.

Clear Medical
reprocessing respiratory and anesthesia equipment.

Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.
developer, manufacturer, and distributor of prophylactic, rehabilitation, and physiological monitoring equipment for the medical and research communities.

European sub-contract manufacturer of clinical polymer products & components.

CME Telemetrix
specializes in medical device research, development and manufacturing.

Colin Medical Instruments Corp.
manufactures non-invasive blood pressure patient monitors. Their divisions include oscillometric (Press-Mate), arterial tonometry (tilt table), and OEM NIBP.

Composite Medical Equipment
making patient transfer boards and wheelchair accessories from wood and composite materials.

Computational Diagnostics, Inc.
neurophysiological monitoring systems and services for diagnostic and intraoperative monitoring.

Continental Metal Products
Manufacturer of quality medical equipment including stainless steel hospital cabinets, warming cabinets, and surgical sinks.

Drager Australasia
medical and safety equipment.

Genzyme Corporation
developing products and services in areas including biosurgery, therapeutic and diagnostic tools, and molecular oncology.

Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)
trade association representing medical products distributors and home care companies.

Medical technology company that provides products, therapies, and services that enhance or extend the lives of those with chronic disease.

Thermo Electron Corporation
Develops scientific instruments and equipment for life science, laboratory, and industrial customers.

World Medical Manufacturing Corporation
specializing in


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