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Health Tourism To Turkey
Medical Tourism Turkey offers the most affordable treatment options with JCI accredited hospitals(Joint Commission International), US board certified doctors, the most recent facilities and an excellent holiday opportunity in Turkey.

Address: Altayçeşme Mah. Uçar Sok. No 4 İnci Sitesi A Blok
Phone: +905 5322 68138

International Healthcare Partner Listing
For international healthcare services, visit Singapore.

provides live operators for faxing personal medical records to emergency rooms, hospitals, or doctors worldwide.

Adoption Travel Supplies
offers the Adoptive Parent Pack, a large backpack pre-packed with items helpful for parents traveling internationally to adopt children.

Bayshore Centres Dialysis Clinic
providing services to tourists and travellers with a professional nursing staff.

British Airways Travel Clinics (South Africa)
information regarding innoculations/immunisations for the international traveller. Section on malaria in southern Africa as well as other diseases around the world.

Cirrus Healthcare Products
develops products to relieve motion sickness and ear problems in autos or airplanes.

Harris International Health Care
provides travel health kits and safety information.

Healthy Holiday
offers information about hepatitis for travellers, including a quiz, endemic regions, and disease effects. From GlaxoSmithKline.

International Travel Health Line
offering customized reports for travelers to high-risk countries. Reports cover travel medicine, vaccinations, immunizations, personal safety and security.

Jet Ease
advice for travellers, jet stress, and how to stay healthy while flying.

Jet Lag Eliminator

MEDEX Assistance Corporation
24-Hour emergency medical and travel assistance for individuals living or traveling outside their home country, services range from doctor referrals to complex medical evacuations.

Medjet Assistance
provides medically supervised air transportation to the hospital of your choice if you are injured away from home.

No Cooties Travel Spray
contains a blend of medicinal quality essential oils that aid in the cleansing and purifying of the immediate environment.

No Jet-Lag
what is it, who gets it, techniques for reducing it and more.

Passport Health
provides security and medical safety advice, group preparation, travel products, and current advice on the customs and dangers in each country.

Pebble UK
provides air socks to help combat deep vein thrombosis in long distance air and land travellers.

Prevent Motion Sickness Scopolamine
Sells Transderm Scop patches, a motion sickness treatment.

Resort Health Products
Offering vitamin and herbal supplements for travelers.

Sea-Band Ltd.
provides drug-free alternative treatments for nausea related to motion, pregnancy, and medical conditions.

features food allergy translation cards for travelers with food allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions.

beat jet lag using bright light, melatonin, sleep cycles, and food.

Trandserm Scop
offers ear patch to help prevent motion sickness.

Travel Medicine, Inc.
retailer of products for safe travel and insect bite prevention.

Travellers Medical And Vaccination Centre
provides travel medicine & vaccination services through Australian, New Zealand and SE Asian clinics, also clinical support in treating exotic illnesses contracted during travel.

provides consulting services and related products.

Tropical Screening
screening service for malaria, giardia, bilharzia, and other tropical diseases.

worn like glasses, this device helps people who have difficulty reading or focusing while riding in a moving vehicle.
offers health care information for international travelers.

Woodside Biomedical, Inc.
offers the ReliefBand, a drug-free remedy for nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, or motion sickness.

World Clinic
offers clients and their employees overseas 24-hour access to American emergency physicians, client medical records, and routine or urgent care.

provides medical evacuation and travel medical assistance overseas.

Worldwide Assistance Services, Inc.
offers comprehensive travel assistance including pre-trip consulting, emergency medical evacuation, as well as security, roadside, and


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