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Aarogya Herbals
manufacturers of ayurvedic products at a facility offering freeze drying equipment.

Able Laboratories
Developer and manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in tablet, capsule, and suppository dosage forms.

Adams Laboratories, Inc.
contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals including formulation, testing, production, packaging and distribution for customers worldwide.

manufacturing company established in the production of generic pharmaceuticals and toiletry cosmetics.

Specialty pharmaceutical company developing inhaled drug products to treat respiratory disorders and chronic diseases.

Airpac Exports
produces filters, dies, punches, and other machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ajanta Pharma Limited
offers a variety of prescription and over the counter products.

Al Fares Pharmaceutical Co.
manufacturer of pharmacy drugs for metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, urology, and vitamin deficiency.

Alpha Organics Private Limited
produces pharmaceutical, intermediates, and veterinary bulk drugs.

American Supplement Technologies, Inc.
private label and custom manufacturer of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and health and beauty products.

Amersham Biosciences - BioProcess
chromatography media, systems, and columns for process development and production.

Amersham Sales Pharmaceutical Machinery Supplies
supplies the pharmaceutical industry with liquid and capsule fillers, labellers, tablet presses, cappers, shrink wrappers, and over wrappers.

AP Pharma
Develops prescription pharmaceuticals utilizing polymer-based drug delivery systems.

Apex Laboratories Limited
performing pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing.

Aphton Corporation

Applied Laboratories, Inc.
contract manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical and health care products.

ASAC Pharmaceutical International, AIE
group of laboratories in Spain, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, mainly phytopharmacs.

Aurobindo Pharma Limted
manufacturer and exporter of bulk, intermediates formulations, sterile and oral pharmaceutical bulk drugs.

Aurobindo Pharmar
manufactures and markets bulk drugs, drug intermediates, formulations, and sterile bulk drugs.

AutoImmune, Inc.
biopharmaceutical company developing drug therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Aventis Pasteur
offers immunology, vaccine, and vaccination research, news, and information.

Baiyun Co-strong Pharmaceutical Research Institute
manufactures a broad range of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. Also provides custom development and manufacturing services.

BASF Pharma
researching, developing, producing, and selling pharmaceutical active ingredients and medicinal products.

BASR Technologies
manufacturers of bulk drugs, organics, and pharmaceutical intermediates.

providing hospitals and homecare facilities with innovative drug delivery systems for iv admixture, syringe infusion, oral and topical drug administration, filtration, and nutritional compounding.

manufacturers and marketers of systems for the delivery of injectable drugs.

Bayer Biological Products
providing information, tips, and international services, focusing on Haemophilia and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Berna Products
manufacturers of oral vaccines for international travelers.

Biological E.
manufactures bulk drugs, formulations, injectibles, veterinary drugs, and herbal remedies.

BioPort Corporation
developers of defense and viral vaccines, and plasma derivative products for government and commercial distribution.

BioProgress Technology International, Inc.
manufacturer of gelatin-free soft capsules for dietary supplements, bath oils and paint balls.

Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd.
specializes in dispersible tablets technology.

manufactures homeopathic drugs, nutritional supplements, trace elements, veterinary medicines, and other items.

Braintree Laboratories
manufactures and markets prescription drugs in the areas of gastroenterology and nephrology.

CapPlus Technologies
provider of capsule filling machines, blister packaging equipment, medicine tanks, tumble dryers, econoline tablet press, and compression machinery.

manufacturer of two piece gelatin capsules.

Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Developer and producer of generic prescription drugs.

Catalysis S.L.
offers Viusid, a treatment for all hepatitis types, as well as HIV and AIDS.

Cedarburg Laboratories, Inc.
custom pharmaceutical manufacturer of active ingredients, working under full cGMP and all required FDA regulations.

ChemSyn Laboratories
services include custom synthesis, radiolabeling, commercial production of API's, process development, scale-up, validation, and DMF preparation.

China Chemical Synthesis Industrial Co., Ltd.
bulk pharmaceutical manufacturer.

China Pharmaceutical Machinery
producing pharmaceutical machinery, including tablet press, coater, granulator, labeling equipment and more.

China Suyu Foreign Trade Corporation
manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and bulk pharmaceuticals.

Citadel Fine Pharmaceuticals
products include antibiotics, analgesics, haematinics, tonics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services
offers clinical labeling products, supplies, and services.

CMC Biopharmaceuticals
offers contract manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals, specializing in designing and providing technical support for coating systems for pharmaceutical applications.

Contract Pharmacal Corp.
private label manufacturer and packager of nutritional, herbal, and athletic supplements, as well as OTC and prescription medication.

CytoDyn of New Mexico, Inc.
contains history, science, clinical, and financial status of Cytolin from the company that developed this designer AIDS drug.

Dar Al Dawa Group
manufactures and markets ethical and generic pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional, and veterinary products.

Del Laboratories
Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics including the Orajel and Sally Hansen products.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals
manufacturing pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, animal remedies, nutriceuticals, and cosmetics.

DPT Laboratories, Ltd.
manufacturers of prescription dermatological, prescription and OTC oral liquid, skin care, and cosmetics products.

Draxis Pharma Inc.
maintains facilities to manufacture solid dosage pharmaceuticals, ointments and liquids, and other sterile products.

Duopharma Malaysia
manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt) Limited
manufactures analgesics, antipyretic, antiacids, digestive enzymes, and antibiotics.

Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Co. (EIPICO)
manufactures a broad range of generic drugs from local and imported intermediates.

Elder Pharmaceuticals
manufactures a wide range of medicines and intermediates, medical devices and instrumentation, and consumer products.

manufacture control instruments for pharmaceuticals and peristaltic pumps.

Eon Labs
Supplier of generic pharmaceuticals.

Epigenesis Pharmaceuticals
produces molecular therapeutics for respiratory diseases.

Ertel Alsop
manufacturer of cellulose-based depth filter media and associated equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electric utility, and food and beverage applications.

Federal Laboratories Corporation
manufacturer and processor of raw bulk materials for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical market.

Felton Grimwade & Bickford Pty. Ltd.
manufactures OTC pharmaceuticals, nutritional and fish oil supplements, herbal remedies, personal care and house-hold products. Producers of eucalyptus oil and eucalyptus oil based products.

Fleming Laboratories
manufacturer of Cinnarizine, Flunarizine, Cyproheptadine, Loperamide, Etidronate Disodium, Cinnarizina, Flunarizina, Loperamida Clorhidrato, and Ciproheptadina.

Formosa Laboratory, Inc.
offers organic synthesis and analytical chemistry for the production of bulk pharmaceuticals and drugs.

produces nutraceuticals, functional food, and cosmetic ingredients with materials from VanDrunen Farms. Custom drying, blending, and research available.

G.C. Hanford Manufacturing Company
pharmaceutical contract manufacturer specializing in injectable cephalosporins for human and veterinary use, penicillins and penicillin derivatives.

Genepharm S.A. Pharmaceutical Company
manufacturer and exporter of a broad range of generic pharmaceuticals.

GeneraMedix Pharmaceuticals
manufactures, distributes, and sells a broad line of generic pharmaceuticals in the U.S. and international markets.

Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd.
specialized in the research, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals based on gene engineering and biochemical technologies.

Hebei Anlin Pharmaceuticals
manufactures medicines, pesticides, and intermediate and raw materials such as azamethiphos, cyromazine, sulfachloropyrazinum natricum, and sulfachloropyridazine sodium.

Hebei Jintong Corporation of Pharmacochemicals
manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw intermediates of cephalosporin antibiotics.

Henan Lihua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
producer of corticosteroids, prednisolone acetate, hydrocortisone acetate, prednisolone sodium phosphate, and more.

Hester Pharmaceuticals Limited
manufactures poultry vaccines.

pharmaceutical company in Malaysia that manufactures generic and ethical products, soft gels, nutritional supplements, and herbal preparations.

manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Huazhong Pharmaceutical Group
material medicine production, preparation processing, science research and development, and trading.

HYD Ltd.
develops pharmaceutical and consumer products for the treatment of neoplastic diseases including cancer.

ICI Pharmaceuticals
includes introduction to the company, products, medical forum, exports, and more.

ImmunoScience, Inc.
manufacturing a quick saliva based test system for home and office for HIV infection. Also doing research on a promising vaccine leading to cure of HIV and AIDS.

Krka Pharmaceuticals
makers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other OTC products.

Martek Biosciences
Manufactures and sells nutritional supplements, amino acids, and other products derived from microalgae.


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