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Pregnancy and Birth

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28 days
provides basic information about fertility, ovulation, and contraception. Also includes links, forums, and reviews for software applications for fertility prediction.

A Baby Resource
Directory of information and resources.

ABCs of Pregnancy
An online textbook for those expecting; as well as information on childbirth, and baby care.

About Newborn Screening
Information, including educational resources, and useful links expanding the awareness of the benefits of newborn screening.

All About Moms
covers pregnancy, birth, motherhood, child proofing, and death of a child. Includes ask the experts forum and resources.

Conception guide which includes week by week pregnancy calendar, due date calculator, birth plan creator, ultrasound, labor and birth picture galleries.

American Baby
Offering pregnancy and baby information. Includes names, a calendar, week-by-week development updates, and illness guide.

provides information on fetal development, prenatal diagnosis, and amniocentesis illustrated with ultrasound images.

Baby Corner
provides expecting and new parents with support, information, and tools to lead them through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Includes chat and message boards.

Discusses different aspects of pregnancy and birth. Includes fun activities such as guessing the baby's sex and choosing a name.

Baby Times
parenting guide for new and expectant parents.

comprehensive information resource for parents-to-be and new parents. Also features an online store with a wide range of baby gear, feeding products, clothing, toys, safety products, and more.

Pregnancy and fertility tools, which include a personalized interactive basal body temperature chart and ovulation calendars.

comprehensive baby name guides, adoption index, and step by pregnancy information.

Beyond Fertility
Articles relating to preconception, general pregnancy issues, and childbirth.

Explore the many mental and emotional dimensions in everything from scholarly articles to personal stories, and late-breaking headlines.
Baby names, pregnancy planning, and breastfeeding. Includes forums, chat, polls and articles.

British Columbia Childbirth
Information on prenatal ultrasound, informed consent, breastfeeding and doula certification.

Care Net
List of services offered which include abortion information, pregnancy assistance, tests and free help for women and babies in trouble. Also contains a locator service to help find the closest Care Net or crisis pregnancy center.

Childbirth Solutions
provides articles, personal stories, and message boards covering a range of related subjects.
contains pages of resources for all cycles of pregnancy and birthing.
articles, interactive features, forums, news, ideas and resources to keep you informed and inspired from before conception to after birth.
Offering medical information on the signs, symptoms and stages of pregnancy. Services include a pregnancy due date calendar and a personal support forum.

Eve's Apple
humorous site with reviews and articles.

Family Care International
Dedicated to improving women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in developing countries, with a special emphasis on making pregnancy and childbirth safer.

Fertility Neighborhood
on-line community providing support for couples who have decided to begin family planning and may be experiencing difficulties in becoming pregnant.

preconception, pregnancy and parenting information, guides, calendars, and more.

Fit Pregnancy
magazine offers advice and guides to baby products, fitness, nutrition, and more.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Reference Service
contains information about false positive and erroneous hCG pregnancy tests, why these occur, and where to get help.

I Dream of Baby
educating women on fertility and pregnancy issues.

Labor of Love
features include birth stories, online magazine, discussion boards, birth announcements, email postcards, penpal database, and more.

Includes information on pregnancy, birth, a new baby or new parents.

MaterCare International ( MCI )
Non-profit Canadian organization which develops new initiatives in maternal health care, with special attention to the most neglected mothers in poor countries.

Maternal Neonatal Health (MNH) Program
strives to increase access to, demand for, and use of appropriate maternal and neonatal healthcare.

Maternity Care Calendar
Supports clinicians providing prenatal care, and as a foundation for education.

Mercy House
Aiding pregnant women who have alienated from their families and without support.

Midwives for Mothers
Resource for pregnancy information, complications, testing and preconception. Offers articles and information provided written by midwives.

Pregnancy and labour, pre-pregnancy care and preparation for pregnancy and mother and baby. A wide range of medical information written by a leading UK obstetrician and your questions answered.

Mother and Child Health
Information on prenatal, postpartum and pediatric health. Topics include herbal medicine, nutrition, and natural parenting.

Pregnancy and being-a-mother information from the UK. From planning to the baby's first year.

National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB)
focused on raising public awareness of prenatal care. Includes initiatives, publications, events, and funding information.

NCT Pregnancy and Baby Care
covers pregnancy, birth, early childhood development, and becoming a dad.
online resource for conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, parenthood and parenting, baby names, health tips, and more.
features resources about preconception, fertility charting, ovulation prediction, and pregnancy.
articles covering tips and tricks of getting pregnant, pregnancy, birth, infertility, birth control, and more.

parenting resource with newsletters, online forums, shopping, and advice on fertility, pregnancy, babies, and toddlers.

Paternity Angel
information for men during their partner's pregnancy. Includes due date calculators, information on paternity, fertility, fetal development, and more.

Pelvic Partnership, The
supports sufferers of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction; a condition affecting some women during pregnancy. Members provide resources based on personal experiences, encouraging others to join them.

Perinatal Education Associates, Inc.
Information for expectant parents as well as doulas, childbirth educators, nurses, and midwives.

Perinatal Health in the United States
Developed by the March of Dimes, this site provides maternal, infant, and child heath-related data at the state level.

Plus-Size Pregnancy Website
offers resources, information, and empowerment for BBW mothers.
conception resources by parents and parents-to-be, for those who are trying to conceive.

Addresses symptoms, exercise, nutrition, ovulation, stages, baby names, and baby tips.

Pregnancy & Baby
offers articles about parenting ranging from conceiving to toddler development. Includes baby names, infant care, pregnancy calendar, message boards, and more.

Pregnancy & Driving Questionnaire
invites pregnant women and mothers to complete an online questionnaire for a research project studying the problems associated with driving during pregnancy.

Pregnancy A to Z
Online diary and photo album to keep track of pregnancy, message board and weight gain chart. Includes articles and video.

Pregnancy Resource Centers
offers support for women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Pregnancy Today
resource and community for expectant parents offering Q & A, birth planner, boards, birth stories, news articles, and more.

Pregnancy Week-by-Week Guide
A guide to fetal development and maternal changes, from StorkNet.
preconception, pregnancy, and parenting site by parents, for parents. Includes a an ovulation charting tool, pregnancy calendar, chats, and bulletin boards.

personalized e-newsletter and web site for issues concerning pregnant women, parenting, family, moms, and baby.

Prenatal Ed
electronic handbook on developing and evaluating health related content and materials sponsored by Beginnings.

Restore Unity in the World Corporation
assist pregnant women with heroin addiction.

Safe Motherhood
a global effort that aims to reduce deaths and illnesses among women and infants, especially in developing countries.
Offering a database of generic and trade medication information regarding fetal risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also includes risk category according to the FDA.

resource for parents-to-be and new parents. Includes a week-by-week calendar of what to expect during pregnancy.
offers information and tips for pregnancy and baby care, including names, newborn care, infant checklist, baby shower games and etiquette, gift registry, and more.

The Baby Corner
Information and advice to parents with articles on pregnancy and parenting topics, and advice from doctors. There is also a community option for parents to interact with each other.

The BabySite
Personal information about pregnancy and birth, as well as contributions from people around the world.

The British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society
Encouraging improved standards of care, and providing advice on Maternal and Fetal Medicine training.

The Due Date Club
Planning information, due date calculator, names, bulletin board and chat.

Trying To
offers comfort, a place to talk, and advice from personal experience.
a blend of content, community, and a boutique gift shower registry tailored to expecting and new parents.

Web Womb
how to chart temps, identify fertile times, and recognize early pregnancy symptoms.

Your Baby Today
A panel of nationally known experts answer questions, and discuss nutrition. Also includes baby development guides and interactive tools for pregnant women and new mothers.

Your Pregnancy
offers guide from Bounty with information on pregnancy, labor, birth,


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