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Drug Testing

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Preemployment drug testing Partner Listing
Drug Testing kit, Drug Screening test, Sign of Pregnancy, Ovulation Predictor. Manufacturer and Distributor of Drug Testing kit, Drug Screening test, Sign of Pregnancy Testers, Ovulation Predictor and more other in vitro diagnostic testing products.

Alcohol Detectors, Saliva Tests, Nicotine Tests Partner Listing
Drug Tests Drug Testing Kits Drug Spray Tests Portable Alcohol Detectors at Net Drug Test com

Premier Drug Test Consultants Partner Listing
Premier Drug Test Consultants is the Drug Test Kits store. Find Drug Test Kits and Education for your Home, Workplace, Schools, Groups, and Youth Treatment Programs. Our Drug Testing Kits are FDA cleared, accurate, confidential, quick and easy to use.

1 Step Detect Associates
offers drug testing products.

ACL Laboratories
offers drug screening, asbestos testing, breath alcohol testing, DOT drug testing, blood testing, environmental testing, and applicant testing services.

Advanced Workplace Strategies (AWSI)
offering substance abuse program management services for industry.

Aegis Sciences Corporation
makers of the Zero Tolerance Drug Testing (ZTDT) products and services for individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Ambassador Medical Services, Inc.
offers on site and in house drug and alcohol testing and compliance programs.

American Bio Medica
Manufacturer of the Rapid Drug Screen, an on-site drug test.

Avitar Technologies, Inc.
Offers ORALscreen rapid onsite oral fluid drug testing products and HAIRscreen hair testing services.

BioScan Screening Systems Inc.
provides drug and alcohol screening products online.

Branan Medical Corporation
manufacturer of unique products for the drugs-of-abuse testing market.

drug and alcohol testing for the workplace.
distributors of CLIA waived diagnostic tests and drug testing kits, as well as CLIA waived pregnancy, saliva, alcohol, ovulation tests, and more.

Clinical Collection Management (CCM)
offers a range of drug testing products and services.

Clinical Education Research Associates, Inc
pre-employment substance abuse screening and detection using behavorial testing.

Columbia Laboratory Services
full-service provider for drug, alcohol, and paternity testing equipment and supplies.

Compliance Plus
drug and alcohol testing for the workplace.

Concorde, Inc.
provides management and consulting services for drug and alcohol testing.

Corporate Care International
offers Drug Free Workplace program services for companies as well as private drug and alcohol testing using urine, breath, or hair samples.

CPL International Services Limited
provides drug and alcohol screening, medical examinations, and laboratory analysis services.

Dennis M. Giroux and Associates Inc.
provides drug testing program management and collection services in Southern California.

Drink Detective
test to detect the adulteration of drinks with drugs, including the existence of Rohypnol, Valium, gamma hydoxybutyrate (GHB), and ketamine.

Drug Detective
offers rapid test screens for marijuana, amphetamines, pills, and cocaine.

Drug Free Enterprises, Inc.
providing on-site, no-step drug testing.

Drug Screen Online
offers drug screening test kits for detecting marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and blood alcohol content.

Drug Test Facts
offers a report explaining urine and hair drug testing procedures and detection times.

Drug Test Purchases
offers home drug and alcohol testing products.

Drug Test Strips
provides rapid onsite drug testing products.

Drug Test Systems
offers FDA approved accurate drug testing kits that test for cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, alcohol, ecstasy, and more

Drug Testing Kits
offers home drug testing kits for marijuana, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamine.

Drug Testing Network, Inc.
offers drug and alcohol testing programs.
offers on-site oral, hair, and urine drug tests for adults and children.
provides drug tests for the dectection of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, opiates, PCP, methamphetamine, and nicotine.

DTS Austin
conducts oral fluid and hair follicle drug testing at nationwide locations. Provides online account access for background checks, employee screening, and testing results.

East Coast Mobile Medical Inc.
mobile medical services company supplying substance abuse testing, pre-employment and periodic medical examinations, urine and breath specimen collections, etc.

Employment Background Investigations (EBI)
offering worldwide employment screening, including background checks, drug testing, criminal and driving records, and credit reports.

helps implement successful onsite drug testing.

Expomed, Inc.
sells onsite drug testing and personal safety products.

administrator of drug and alcohol testing programs for business and sports organizations.

Foley Laboratory Services, Inc.
offering drug and alcohol testing programs for your business.

Forensic Products International, Ltd.
marketing Identa Drug Detector Kits to businesses and consumers.

Global Drug Testing Services
GDTS offers drug and alcohol testing and management programs.

Hair Analysis And Drug Tests At Home
sells hair follicle mineral analysis kits and drug tests for detecting cocaine, meth, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, and PCP.

Health Services Group, Inc.
national provider of drug testing services.

Horizon Medical Technologies
professional employee drug testing, laboratory, MRO, and random selection. Also offering medical testing kits and DNA testing.

Houston Medical Testing Services, Inc.
specializing in drug and alcohol testing, as well as DNA paternity tests.

conducts drug and alcohol testing at company facilities and locations using DOT approved procedures and laboratories. Offers training seminars.

Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace
an independent, self-sustaining coalition of businesses, business organizations, and individuals dedicated to preserving the rights of employers and employees in drug-abuse prevention programs.

International Drug Testing Systems (IDTS)
administrator and provider of substance abuse programs including drug and alcohol testing for industry and business.

Land Sea and Air Medical Review
alcohol and urine drug testing programs for DOT.

Lifeline Medical, Inc.
supplier of ECG and spirometry equipment and supplies, drug and alcohol tests, blood and urine chemistry strips, and occupational health testing products.

MedReview, Incorporated
national provider of DOT and non-DOT drug testing services.

National Drug Screen
administrator of corporate drug screening programs with a network of drug test collection sites.

National Toxicology Specialists, Inc.
implements and manages nationwide drug free workplace programs.

Nationwide Testing Association, Inc.
Turnkey full DOT-compliant drug & alcohol testing program and a transcript of the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991.

Noble Medical Corporation
offering a line of drug and alcohol testing products.

North State Alliance
provides full-service consortium and workplace drug testing for DOT and non-regulated companies plus substance abuse professionals, counseling, collector training, and reasonable suspicion education services.

Norton Medical Industries
federally approved drug and alcohol testing programs and education materials for DOT, FAA and Pipeline.

Provides drug testing and background screening programs to employers.

OHS Health and Safety Services, Inc.
offers on-site drug testing services for companies and schools, testing devices, and technician training and certification.

Penn Services Group
provides drug testing, collections, and compliance consulting to employers and agencies nationwide.

Preferred Alliance
We manage comprehensive D.O.T. drug & alcohol compliance systems.

Professor Test Kit
sells home drug tests and provides information for helping users, addicts, families, and friends understand the complicated world of drugs.

Random Drug Screens, Inc.
full service drug testing company that specializes in testing, educating and implementing drug-free workplace programs.

Rapid Drug Testing Services, Inc.
FDA approved on-site drug screen kit, tests for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCPs and AMPs. Laboratory accuracy, results in 3-5 minutes. Ideal for pre-employment, random testing.

San Diego Reference Laboratory
services include drug screens and hair analysis.

STA United, Inc.
specializing in DOT mandated drug and alcohol for the transportation industry.

STAT America
provides employee drug testing programs, and onsite drug screening and alcohol testing products.

STC Technologies, Inc.
offers Intercept, the oral fluid drug test.

Substance Abuse Management, Inc.
offers workplace substance abuse testing programs including random selection, medical review, education, and training.

provides a complete line of on-site drug testing and screening products.

Test Kits Express
Rapid Drug Screen drug testing kit for corporate onsite screening.

TestNet, LLC
offers specimen collections, breath alcohol screens, DOT physicals, and drug-free workplace insurance services.

The Oschmann Organization
Provides drug and alcohol testing management and Department of Transportation compliance programs.

Transportation and Small Business Consortium
Federal Aviation and Highway companies full service turn key programs DOT and NON, specializing in small companies.

University Services MRO
medical review officers, drug testing services, substance abuse management, and sleep disorder centers.

Wolfe Data
Offers nationwide employee drug and alcohol testing services.

WPCI Work Place Drug Testing
offers drug and alcohol testing programs to employers i


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