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Health Care Management

We are a healthcare software company specialized in HL7 interface lifecycle management technology between heterogeneous medical information systems.

Phone: 1-877-872-0027

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Patient Placement Systems : Healthcare Software
Patient Placement Systems' innovative healthcare software solutions accelerate discharge planning and electronic medical records management.

Adress: 2655 Northwinds Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Vree Health
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck, Vree Health is a pioneer in transitional care and creator of TransitionAdvantage™, a post-discharge service designed to help hospitals reduce avoidable readmissions of patients diagnosed with pneumonia, congestive heart failure, or acute myocardial infarction. Find out more about how Vree Health and TransitionAdvantage may help your hospital at

Health care Information Partner Listing
The most comprehensive guide to health care, including articles on health problems and nutrition, diet, diseases treatment and other health topics...

Chiropractor Bethesda Partner Listing
Visit chiropractor Bethesda Dr. Michael N. Moskowitz for holistic chiropractic care in sports injury, back pain, headaches, pregnancy, wellness.

Therapy Software Partner Listing
GiftRAP Corporation's Rehab Optima Rehabilitation Software is the benchmark for treatment, workflow, documentation, and billing in the health care industry

ABELSoft Corporation
supplies Medical and Dental clinical and administrative practice management software.

ACF Technologies
provider of patient queuing and flow management solutions for healthcare enterprises, helping to optimize patient flow from reception desk to waiting room areas throughout the organization.

ADL Data Systems, Inc.
data processing solutions for healthcare providers.

Advanced Clinical Software
clinical trial management software for researcher professionals.

Advanced Computer Systems
offers financial and inventory management systems for private enterprise, and the medical, and social services community.

Advanced Medical Systems
provides medical software, office networking, and online support for physician and hospital owned practices, including practice management software, electronic commerce, electronic medical records, and medical transcription services.

Advanced Systems Development
provider of information technology services to the clinical trials industry.

Ahlers Health Care System
specializing in data processing, billing, and reporting in the public health sector.

Ajexus Healthcare
offers a configurable administrative, clinical, EMR patient information system and data repository.

Alteer Corporation
provides solutions to automate workflow in physician offices for all the clinical and business functions.

Applied Product Technologies Corp.
designs and develops custom software for healthcare organizations.

Askua, Inc
provides an efficient HIPAA security compliance solution for the health care industry.
offers practice automation and claims management services designed to check eligibility, speed claim processing, and shorten revenue cycles.

August Systems
software developer specializing in scheduling and billing products designed specifically for the home health agency.

Avega Health Systems
software and consulting for decision suport, data warehousing, enterprise-wide reporting, and operational products. Formerly Health Care Microsystems (HCm).

Benchmark Systems
medical billing and office accounting. Serving Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Bridge Medical
technologies company pionerring the use of barcode technology in healthcare. Services include patient safety and decision point software.

Britton's Wise Computers
focus is towards veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, pet-related information, and publicizing our clients' products/services.

Byrne Software Technologies, Inc.
software development firm. Creators of Visual HCS, a Windows based client/server health care claims administration system.

Canopy Systems
dedicated to helping healthcare organizations apply the power of informatics to improve quality and increase efficiency.

develops and supports computerized systems for the healthcare industry.

Carefx Corporation
providing clinically oriented, web-based visual integration toolsets and related capabilities to healthcare organizations.

CareKeeper Software
staffing software for home health care and medical and temporary staffing agencies.

provider of care management services to hospitals, health systems, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Caribou Systems, Inc.
system consultants, specializing in the healthcare industry.

CashRetriever Systems, Inc.
provides accounts receivable follow-up services to hospitals.

CCA Medical Practice Software
provider of turnkey hardware/software/services systems specifically designed for the medical practice business office.

CK Software, Inc.
our products include ck_CompCare, an occupational health case management system.

CMDC Systems Inc.
consultants and system developers for document control and configuration management for the small to medium size medical device manufacturer.

Colleton Software Associates
specializing in products for ambulance service providers, including system call automation and billing documentation.

Computermart Medical Services
provides electronic data interchange software to the healthcare industry.

Computers Diversified, Inc.
provide data processing solutions for healthcare providers, including online billing, collections, lab-link, and practice management.

Conejo Systems
offers software development for medical (clinical), public-health, and social-service applications.

Creative Healthcare Strategies, Inc.
develops and support software tools for healthcare organizations.

Custom Data Processing, Inc.
system integrator and provider of real-time application services through its computer service bureau. With multiple U.S. locations.

D.L. Hopper & Associates, Inc.
specializing custom software for high performance and high volume claim processing clients.

Dairyland Healthcare Solutions
software developer, hardware vendor, and consultant that designs computer systems to run hospitals including clinical and financial information solutions.
offers software for medical coding compliance, Medical Necessity, CPT, ICD9, RBRVS, and more.

DataFuzion, Inc.
delivers customized data warehousing solutions for healthcare provider groups and specialty clinics with disparate practice management, payroll, and general ledger systems.

Dr. Notes, Inc.
clinical management systems including disease tracking, Medicare coding, bill scrubbing, HIPAA compliance, workflow management, and office automation.

Dr.Xpress Health Care Systems, Inc.
Dr.Xpress Health Care Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of services to physicians and hospitals across the United States. Our technology products offer our customers significant savings.

E2 Consulting
Windows-based fitness assessment, coronary risk assessment, health/lifestyle profile, and member management system with group reporting features.
electronic signature of physician orders and automatic tracking of patient care plans.

Eftia OSS Solutions Inc.
develops and markets turnkey operations support systems for the telecommunications and health care industries.

Offers standard-based application integration and development tools and services for healthcare vendors and providers.

Excalibur Systems Inc. (ESI)
makes electronic billing, custom reports, scheduling, notes, and voice dication software.

patient instructions for emergency care patients.

Feedback Technologies
database software for managing training evaluation and survey research results including espRIT for residency and intern programs...

GE Medical Systems Healthcare Solutions
benchmarking solutions for healthcare facilities.

Greenleaf Medical Systems
developer of software and instrumentation for hand specialists and biomedical researchers.

GTESS Corporation
provides software services and products to automate the healthcare industry's data entry and claim forms processing functions.

Hanford Bay Associates, Ltd.
software development and consulting firm specializing in resource management and scheduling solutions for the manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Health Card Technologies, Inc
smart cards, read/write devices, and software development tools that enable medical systems to operate more efficiently and securely.

Health Market International
HMI specializes in international healthcare software and information.

Health Outcomes Management, Inc.
software development company specializing in clinical documentation software for pharmacies and long term care facilities.

Health Ware Concepts, Inc.
design, development, and implementation of pc-based computer software.

Healthcare Management Systems
provider of hospital information systems focused on rural & community hospitals, specialty-behavioral & rehabilitation & multi-facility groups.

provides the healthcare and hospital industry and its consumers with strategic decision data, benchmarking solutions, and actionable intelligence.

responsible for the marketing and production of NOAH in North America and for assisting member companies in supporting North American NOAH users.

HMS Holdings Corp.
Furnishes revenue recovery, cost containment and business office outsourcing services to healthcare providers and payors.

HMT Systems LTD
rostering software, consultancy, training and bespoke development using M (mumps), Visual Basic, and FOCUS.

Houston Medical
advanced practice management and clinical software for GPs and specialists. Modules for ophthalmology, obstetrics, physiotherapy, full prescribing and pathology results, Windows/DOS versions.

Human Engineering Technologies
'Care In the Community' products, including care agency and local authority purchaser interest.

IDX Systems Corp.
Health care information systems.

iMD Soft
providing flexible and versatile clinical information management solution for intensive care.

In/Form Software
inform & enhance software for plastic surgeons, prints personalized peri-operative with informed consent materials for patients.

provider of healthcare and insurance benefits management and administration systems.

Innovations in Quality
developer of Q.Works, which was designed for hospitals to measure performance of clinicians.

Integra Systems Design, Inc.
develops applications for clinical investigations. Products include Clinasyst and Clinitrol.

Integrail Health Information Management
develops clinical and financial decision support solutions that merge and transform medical/pharmacy claims into manageable data.

develops and markets software tools for integration into the healthcare and electronic commerce markets. Features HL7 and X12 toolkits.

KLAS Enterprises
provides current vendor information to healthcare providers, software vendors, consultants, and investment bankers in the healthcare industry.

McKesson Information Solutions
provides patient safety and HIPAA compliance software for evidence-based medicine in the physician practice management and medication field.

On-Line Consultant Software
helps select computer systems with an automated RFP process.

E-commerce services provider for health care businesses.

provider of relationship management products and services that enable consumers to manage their personal health in partnership with their healthcare providers.

The Compucare Company
Provides information systems to hospitals and associated heathcare companies.

Provides medical information and services for consumers, physicians, and


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