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Dietary fiber Partner Listing
What is dietary fiber, description, role and benefits in nutrition, suggested intake (RDA) and sources in food.

Best Weight Loss Diet, Exercise and Supplement Guide Partner Listing
A weight loss guide to help you choose weight loss supplements, fat burners and nutritional supplements. This site also includes free weight loss diets, programs and exercise guides and tips.

1 Stop Weight Loss
Provides information on programs, ebooks, articles, diets, tips and tools.

Acting Well
Russian cardiology program, introduces a weight-loss method based on Stanislavski's acting techniques. Provides coaching and sharing support about the method.

Active Karma
Information for personalized, interactive and sustainable online weight control program. Includes nutrition, fitness tips, and stress counseling.

Atkins Diet Support Forum
Low carb diet discussion and information including diet summaries and recipes.

Barbara's Apex Weight Loss Hut for Hopeless Slimmers
weight loss information, comic relief, diet tips, motivation, resources, and more.

Best of Weight Loss
directory of products and resources on health and fitness through dieting, proper nutrition, exercise, herbs and supplements.

BFL Support
A Body for Life community offering nutritional information, success stories, and message boards.

Bootcamp Buddies
Weight Watchers diet site features recipes, health articles, and online message boards.

Calorie Database
Contains a wealth of nutritional information on individual food items, with detailed breakdown of calories, carb, fat, and various vitamins and minerals.
Offers a searchable directory of nutrition facts and printable food labels. Includes a daily calorie requirement tool to determine daily calorie needs.
Calories in food, calorie needs, calorie counter, calories burned by different types of exercise.

Canadian Coast To Coast Calorie Counters
A registered non-profit weight loss group with branches throughout Canada.

Offers a weight loss and diet support group. Includes a forum and a chat room.

Collected Weight Loss Tips
index of tips and facts on weight loss plans, diet motivation, exercise, and nutrition.

Diet Buddy Club
Provides all the support you need while dieting.

Diet Discussions
A community forum specializing in discussing weight loss programs of all types. Includes articles.

Diet Supporters
Provides bulletin board, chat and healthy eating tips.

Diet Surf
Offers a discussion forum, articles, tips, and a comparison of popular diets.

Exercise Your Willpower
Offers motivational information about fitness and weight loss. Includes mailing list and forum.

Fat Loss Secrets of All Natural Bodybuilders
tips on how to lose bodyfat, get ripped, gain muscle, and develop your abs.

Weight loss community where individuals share the experience of weight loss.
Online guide to resources covering dieting, exercising, slimming and losing weight.

Fit At Any Size
General weight loss community offering message boards, chat rooms, journals, photos and news.

Fitness 3
Personalized support and information relating to diet, fitness, training, and nutrition.

Fitness Within
A weight loss community offering forums, news and journals.

Flock of Angels
A weight loss surgery support group and information center with great links, two chats, and pictures showing different surgeries.

Food Addicts Anonymous
Help for recovery from the despair and shame of food obsession. This self-help program views food addiction as a biochemical disease.

Food and Diet
An information portal for diets, recipes, fitness, and support to help lose weight and get in shape.
Offers dieters free information and resources including chat, links, and professional articles.
Offers a collection of resources and products.

God's Grace For Dieters
Christian based weight loss and health discussion boards.

Greysheeters Anonymous
A twelve step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope to recover from compulsive overeating.
offers tips, programs, fitness plans, information on herbal treatments, and more.

Hugs International
Resources for weight loss and fitness outside of traditional dieting.

If Not Dieting, Then What - Dr. Rick Kausman
Provides help and support for people to achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight without being deprived of food or losing quality of life.

Institute for Health Maintenance
Professional supervision on weight loss management.

Liquid Diet Discussion Board
A discussion and support forum for people on liquid diets such as Optifast and Medifast.

Living Lean Today
A portal to weight loss sites. Links to professional and personal weight loss sites, fitness links, health columnists, healthy recipes and other weight loss resources.
Offers a newsletter and inexpensive program on weight loss.

Michel Montignac Online Weight-loss Clinic
Discover item by item the 'Montignac Method' to lose weight the healthy way.

More To Love Fitness
Professional fitness for large-sized people. Certified Instructors and videotapes available.

My Diet Buddy
A database of people who wish to lose weight and join an online support group.

Myers Information Services
information on obesity/weight control, eating disorders, and related medical conditions.

National Obesity Surgery Support Group Directory
National Support Group Directory of local groups for people who have had or are researching weight loss surgery, gastric bypass or obesity surgery.
provides information on books and products, diets, nutrition, and exercises to assist reaching an ideal body weight.

Free food and exercise logging web application that tracks, analyzes, and graphs calories in, calories out, nutrients, weight, body fat, and BMI.
Weight loss community site providing free personalized weight loss program plans along with news, information, group support, tips, tools, and resources.

Overweight .net
Provides weight management resources, tools, and recipes.

Real Losers
Offers discussion forums, chat and newsletters.

Shape Up America!
Subscription service provides information about safe weight management and physical fitness. Includes support, BMI information, and recipes.

The Aliveness Experience
Treatment and support for over-eaters based on building emotional health and vitality.

The Weight Directory
Directory of weight-loss resources, products and services.

TOPS Club, Inc.
A non-profit, non-commercial weight loss support group.
offers reviews and product links for fat burners, diet supplements, and weight loss programs.

Weight Loss Buddy
A weight loss buddy matching service. Also offers message boards and expert advice.

Weight Loss Connection
Offers weight loss support, diet and fitness plans, motivation, tips, articles and personal weight analysis.

Weight Loss Directory
contains weight loss tips and a directory of weight loss programs and web sites in a range of categories.

Weight Loss Friends
Offers discussion boards, meal plans and a log to record personal progress.

Weight Loss Index
Get the latest information on weight loss, diet, health, fitness and more to help you lose weight successfully.

Weight Loss Magazine
features articles devoted to weight loss, diets, and weight loss products.

Weight Loss Thoughts
Tips, anecdotes, and information about adjusting your diet to lose weight.

A women's only weight loss support group, advocating lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, wise food choices and exercise.

Weightloss Resource
Includes diet plans, pills, and how to talk to your doctor. Features a body mass index an


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