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Alternative Medicine

HGH Injections
There are several good reasons why folks should buy HGH Injections. First off, it's easy to lose weight. At the same time, one's energy gets a nice boost, as well as his or her immune system. A real HGH plan can make a user feel half his or her age.
Address: 2800 West State Road – 84, Suite 119 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone: 954-587-4410 | Fax: 954-584-0808

High PPM Colloidal Silver Products
Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver 3,000 to 18,000 PPM is Effective, Efficient and Non-Toxic. Atoms can seamlessly penetrate into the pathogen, and destroy it from the inside out, while nanoparticles just bounce off.
Address: 6051 Business Center Court Suite 4-404, San Diego, CA 92154
Phone: 619-752-6777
We're artisan distillers of Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) 100% pure essential oil, therapeutic grade. Elaborated without harming the tree, PaloSanto is very useful for relaxing the mind and body as well as purifying the bad energies. Incense, malas, beads, soap also available. Bursera graveolens, known in spanish as "Palo Santo" (holy wood) is a tree that inhabits the coast of Ecuador. It has a high concentration of Limonene, a medicinal terpene known to be a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic agent.
Phone: (+593) 5 2627411

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Website Listings
Humble Bee Health
Description: Detox cleansing with the famous "Master Cleanse" Program by Stanley Burroughs. Kits, info, and books available for juicing, fasting, cleansing, and detoxing with natural health.
Address: Humble Bee Health L.L.C., PO BOX 140576, Boise, Idaho 83714, United States
Phone.: 208-321-1919

Magnet Jewellery Megastore
The UKs leading magnetic therapy specialists. All our bracelets have been selected for their style and effective health benefits and are made from high quality materials so they will last you a long time.
Phone.: 01923 833484

Mariposas Clinic Spain
The Mariposas Clinic is a wellness center and clinic specializing in natural and holistic treatments and therapies against cancer and other illnesses.
Adress: Centro Comercial Fuente Lucena, 4 Avda. Manuel Fraga Iribarne 29620 Torremolinos (Malaga) Spain
Telephone: +34 952 381 447 | Fax: +34 952 388 454

Kids Medical Id Alert Bracelets Beaded Medical Id Bracelets Toddler Child Medical Id Alert
Kids children toddler beaded medical Id bracelets,medical id alert jewerly, medical sports bands boys girls medical id alert bracelets,woman men teens medical alert bracelet medical alert, medical id alert bracelet, and more.
Phone: Toll Free: 888 460-4634 | Fax Toll Free: 888 460-4634

Reiki Practitioner
Reiki Master and Healing Touch delivered via phone, or in person (N. Illinois). Care and understanding to relieve stress and allow the body to heal itself.
Phone : 847-613-0870 Wellness Guide
The premiere wellness destination on the web, has information on holistic, New Age, and organic lifestyles. From aromatherapy to zen gardens, and everything in between, has what you're looking for.

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver 3000 PPM ! No Chemicals are Used or Added! The Purest Colloidal Silver Mineral Dietary Supplements and the most Amazing Natural Health Products! Finally you can buy anti aging, antiviral, ...
Address: PMB 441,
555 Saturn Blvd. Suite B, San Diego, CA 92154
Phone: 619-207-4800

HGH Therapy | Effects & Benefits of HGH Therapy for Men & Women
HGH Therapy restores the body to its youthful levels of human growth hormone enabling the person to feel healthier and more energetic.  Human Growth Hormone Therapy increases cell regeneration so that the body heals more quickly to overcome injuries or illness.  HGH Therapy restores your youthful appearance, outlook, health and vitality.
Address: 8400 West State Road 84 Suite 118, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone: 877-321-8885 | Fax: 954-321-8882

Integrative Family Wellness
Integrative Family Wellness is an acupuncture, massage therapy and cryotherapy team practice serving Long Island. Our providers offer comprehensive holistic care out of our convenient office location.
Address: 38 Landing Avenue, Smithtown, NY 11787
Phone: 631-708-3500

Tennessee Neurofeedback
Tennessee Neurofeedback provides clinical neurofeedback services with experienced providers dedicated to patient-focused care. With offices in Greater Nashville, we help patients suffering from ADD, depression, anxiety, concussions, addiction, PTSD, sleep problems and more.
Address: 5409 Maryland Way #305, Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: (615) 212-3945

NeuroSoma Muscle Therapy Partner Listing
A 67-hour curriculum in muscle physiology and engineering technology. Located in Ashburn, VA.

Intrafitt - Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Programs Partner Listing
Offers Three Options To Participate In the World's Most Effective And Comprehensive Diet And Exercise Program!

Alternative Health Care Partner Listing
Information, news, and articles about Alternative Health.

Generic Cialis Partner Listing
Order our FDA approved generic cialis and Viagra soft tabs online.

Uriflow- Kidney Stones Treatment, Dissolving Kidney Stones Partner Listing
Uriflow helps Dissolving Kidney Stones & Flush Kidney Stones FAST!. Uriflow is the first proven product that provides Natural Cure for Kidney Stones and Kidney Stones Treatment. It helps breaking up Kidney Stones without Kidney Stone Pain.

Alternative Medicine Partner Listing
Alternative Medicine and Herbal Medicine Cancer Treatment and Chinese Medicine. Ayurverdic Treatment in Lung Cencer Acupuncture. Alternative Treatment and Herbal Cancer Treatment Research. Alternative Health Care Methods from herbalist

Tranquil Days Holistic Therapies Partner Listing
Holistic Therapies offered from home including Reflexology/Reiki/Indian Head Massage/Aqua Detox/Thai Hand Massage/Bioflow Magnets and more.

HEALING CHOICES- Provides information on Alternative and Complementary, Holistic and Natural Health Care, a description of modalities, practitioners, and informs the reader of resources and books to help make informed decisions for their health. E-book and hard copy are available on the site.

Rx Alternative Medicine Partner Listing
Rx Alternative is the library of a veteran alternative physician\'s holistic approach to 40 health conditions commonly seen in alternative offices. A timely and beneficial discussion of each condition.

eHealth Partner Listing
eHealth offers unique online health self-assessment from alternative medicine perspective, the convenience and benefit of inexpensive internet professional consultation. : Kinerase - Obagi - Exuviance - Skinceuticals Partner Listing
Dermatologist recommended makeup, beauty and skin care products from Top brands like Neostrata, MD Skincare and Dr. Brandt.

Uriflow | Strixaderm-MD Partner Listing
Buy Uriflow, Strixaderm-MD on wholesale price. Find out lastest Uriflow and Strixaderm-MD reviews, product information and more.

Benefits Of Maitake and Organic Mushrooms Partner Listing
Offers medicinal mushrooms including reishi, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, maitake, and other organic mushrooms and mushroom products.

Ganoderma Natural Health Care
Information of traditional medicine ganoderma and other alternatives to improve natural health and wellness.

Massage Therapy Insurance
Massage Liability Insurance Group (MLIG) provides Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Students, and Massage Therapy Schools with Massage Liability Insurance.


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