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Young Living Essential Oils

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The Parfumerie
We are your source for perfuming and aromatherapy supplies. Within our expansive inventory you will find perfume supplies, oils, perfumes, bottles, vials and more for private label use.
Telephone: 203-456-6139

Aromatherapy Oil Partner Listing
Features aromatherapy articles that will help you enjoy aromatherapy and essential oils safely.

Aromatherapy Products Partner Listing
Aromatherapy is used in massage, inhalation, compresses, and in bathing. Discover how you can enjoy Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Leydet Aromatics Partner Listing
Providing the finest quality in aromatherapy supplies, Organic essential oils, blends,Diffusers, book, clays, seaweed, algae,unusual absolutes, educational resources, seminars, classes and networking for the international community.

1st Source Aromatherapy
offers therapeutic grade pure essential oils and aromatherapy accessories.

Adriaflor Essential Oils
woman owned wholesaler and retailer of essential oils and hydrosols.

Aeron Drive Time Aromatherapy System
a plug-in unit for standard cigarette lighter that diffuses scents of aromatherapy while you drive.

AIRS Incense and Zodiac Aromatherapy
offers aroma wands and pillars, incense burners, botanical oils, perfume oils, sachettes, scented calendars, and more.

Alexander Essentials
wholesale and retail essential oils, aromatherapy products, and herbal bodycare. Secure online ordering.

Amateur Aromatherapy
includes essential oil database.

Aquarius Aromatherapy & Soap
offers essential and fragrant oils, color pigments, molds, and other natural soapmaking and aromatherapy supplies. Also wholesales handmade soaps and lotions.

Archangel Essence Aromatherapy
hand blended aromatherapy bath products. Custom blends, all natural sea salts, and essential oils.

San Diego based Aromatherapist offers unique aromatherapy and perfume creations, and fragrant healing gifts.

Aroma Delite
retailer and wholesaler of aromatherapy gifts including diffusers, soaps, candles, lotions, and incense.

Aroma M
aromatherapy company with products only using organic oils.

Aroma Shoppe, The
offers aromatherapy supplies.

Aroma Solutions
sells bath oil and salts, as well as beauty care and health products.

Aroma Studio
wholesaler of essential oils and accessories. Also offers home study certification for retailers, teacher training materials, and books.

Aroma Therapy
sells pure essential oils, aromatherapy gift sets, oil burners, diffusers, massage blends, and more.

Aroma Thyme
offering essential oils, books, candles, and more.

Aroma Véra
our name means true fragrance and we offer a complete system of aromatherapy products to bring the pleasure and power of essential oils into your daily life.

Aroma Vitae
handmade aromatherapy products.

offers products and information for new and old aromatherapy users. Products include essential oils, diffusers, and carrier oils.

offers essential oil remedies and relaxation gift sets.

offers gels, lotions, mineral bath salts, inhalation bars and other products.

uses aromatherapy to help lose weight, fight stress, sleep, quit smoking, and more.

Aromaland, Inc.
offers aromatherapy and essential oil products, including bulk body care and bath salts.

offering natural mineral cosmetics and aromatics.
offers aromatherapy products, scented candles, and body luxuries.
selling private steam aromatherapy baths for health and relaxation.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
description, uses, blending, cautions, formulas, resources, and more.

Aromatherapy and Meditation Products
offers aromatherapy candles and essential oils that promote health, meditation, relaxation, and a stimulating, healing environment.

Aromatherapy Candles & Oils
features information on aromatherapy, essential oils, and products.

Aromatherapy Clinic
offers aromatherapy information including online consultations. Sells oil blends including anti snoring, immune boosters, eczema, energizing, relaxing, and sinuses clearing.

Aromatherapy Collection by Quinessence
supplies organic essential oils and aromatherapy products.

Aromatherapy Essentials
bath & body products.

providing natural essential oils, herbs, hydrosols, herbal incense blends, soap supplies, fixed oils, fragrance oils, and aloe vera products.

aromatherapy and essential oils resource. Includes articles, recipes, tips, and a business directory.

Aster Associates, Inc.
specializes in aromatherapy products for children.

ATL Canada
online aromatherapy store offers essential, carrier, exotic, organic, and massage oils.

Attention New York
gifts and accessories include men's cotton boxer shorts in a variety of colors and flaxseed and lavender silk eye pillows.

Audrey Leigh Essential Oils
retailer of essential and carrier oils.

Aunt Vi's Garden
vibrational healing bodycare products produced by an L.A. boutique, including aura sprays with a color for each chakra. Featured in several celebrity magazines.

Aura Cacia
manufacturer of pure and natural essential oils and aromatherapy products.

AuraRoma Aromatherapy
products made from essential oil blends.

Auroma, Inc.
sells essential, massage, facial, and carrier oils.

Aurora Ice Aromatherapy Candles
wholesale and retail. Distributors welcomed.

Bassett Aromatherapy
essential oils, blends, French diffusers, natural personal care products, books, seminars, and more.

Beyond The Sea
sells health and beauty products online.

Bittersweet Soap Company
offers a variety of products using natural ingredients including soaps, essential oils, incense, bath salts, and more.

Black Sheep Aromatherapy
online aromatherapy shop selling essential oils, natural remedies, handmade soap, bath preparations, skin therapy, face creams, and candles.

Blessings of Nature
an essential oil company specializing in all natural aromatherapy that offers soy candles, essential oils, dead sea bath salts, and lip balm.

Body Therapies
massage therapy and spa services, as well as cutting edge aromatherapy formulas for skincare.

Bodytreats International Ltd.
offering organic essential oils for aromatherapy.

Buff Soap
offers herbal, moisturizing skin care, and aromatherapy soaps.

Camden-Grey Essential Oils
direct importers of essential oils/related products. Also sells bottles, disposable pipettes, carrier oils, and more.

CD Naturals
offers aromatherapy packs and kits, essential and blended oils, and other health packs for head, neck, and shoulder relief.

Celebrations of Nature
offers essential oils and aromatherapy products including lavender, vanilla, jojoba, rose, and more. Also offers massage oils, butters, soap, and recipes.

Cloud 9 Aromatherapy
carries a line of all-natural, handmade bath and body products including powders, oils, salts, foot scrub, and moist heat/cold wraps.

Copper Stills
source for copper alambic stills for distilling essential oils and hydrosols from flowers, herbs, and aromatic plants. Information about distillation classes.

Coral Moon International
maker of aromatherapy and bodycare products.

Countryside Herb Farms
makes potpourri, sachets, fragrance oils, and mulling spices. All profits are donated to charitable and educational organizations.

Denise Brown Aromatherapy
offers essential and carrier oils, base products, general blends, and more.

Desert Alchemy

Deserving Thyme
line of skin care and aromatherapy products, including infusions, essential oils, home spa kits, and seduction kits.

Dragonfly Essentials
provides aromatherapy information and products as well as Reiki clinical therapy and counseling services from a certified practitioner.

Dreaming Earth Botanicals
direct importers of essential, carrier, and massage oils, flower waters, and more for retail and wholesale.

Earth Solutions
offering aromatherapy diffusers for the home and car.

Earth Tribe International
line of aromatherapy and plant oil products for physical health, mental health and natural home care.

Earthsisters International
offers aromatherapy and bodycare products.

Eclipse Aroma Therapy Products

offers massage, body, and aromatherapy oils.

Elizabeth Van Buren
features information on essential Oil purity through GC/MS analysis.

products include home fragrance items, perfume, candles, and body lotions and creams.

EO Products
offers essential oils and aromatherapy products to retailers across the country.

Essence Candles
offers scented hanmade candles.

aromatics for the skin, as well as candles, baby care, soap, dryer sachets, and essential oils.

Essential Oil Company
aromatherapy products.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy
essential oils, essential oil enhanced products such as skincare, haircare, food supplements, vitamins, minerals, natural progesterone, massage oils and tinctures.

Essential Relaxation
offers a selection of aromatherapy products for bath, skin, mom and baby, and more.

Essential Therapy
retails body care products. Also provides massage, waxing, and facial treatment services.

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy

Forces of Nature
offers natural treatments for herpes, warts, hemorrhoids, skin conditions, menopause, and soreness.

Fragrant Earth
aromatherapy specialists, as well as perfumery and cosmetics.

From Nature With Love
offering soapmaking, aromatherapy, and potpourri ingredients and supplies including vegetable oils, butters, essential oils, herbs, clays, colorants, melt and pour, and packaging supplies.

Georgia Rain
offering products made from pure essential oils, natural ingredients, and not tested on animals. Stores located throughout Ontario.

Grand Spa
Information on aromatherapy origins and background, services offered by the facility and location map. Located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Green Valley Aromatherapy
specializing in supplying pure oils.

Gritman Corporation

Healing Garden

Hearts and Roses
essential oils and aromatherapy supplies for wholesalers.

House Of Fragrance
body oils in brand name perfumes and colognes.

Hubmar Inc.
manufacturer of aromatherapy diffusers for the home and car.

Inner Sanctuary of Healing, Inc.
carrying oils, jewels, diffusers, eye pillows, candles, and personal massage blends.

aromatherapy, books, body care, candles, flower essences, and more.

Kaliana's Creations
offers aromatherapy products.

Knidor Aromatics
offers aromatherapy products, including essential oils, incense, candles, and books.

Kobashi Essential Oils
carries natural, unadulterated essential and blended oils which are Animal Free and suitable for vegans. Also offers information on aromatherapy and individual oils.

Les Herbes, Ltd.
importers of aromatherapy grade essential oils and manufacturers of aromatherapy products.

Leyden House, Limited
carries a variety of essential oils and blends, aromatherapy products, and diffusers.

Leydet Aromatics
providing aromatherapy supplies, blends educational resources, seminars, classes and networking for the international community.

LorAnn Oils
maker of aromatherapy, gourmet, and crafting products.

Luisa New York
offering handcrafted soap and aromatherapy products. Also offers relaxing ultra-age music.

Mary Jane's Aromatherapy
offering mists, massage oils, bath salts, and lotions.

Maxi's World
products include bath soaps and aromatherapy products.

Melusine Arom'Alchemy
providing aromatherapy certification, teleclasses, essential oils, holistic blends, astrological perfumes, bath products, and more.

manufacturer of therapeutic aromatherapy products.

Muti Oils
specializing in aromatherapy products for pregnant women and babies.

Namaste Natures Treasures, Inc.
offers essential oils, aromatherapy supplies, bulk body care products, candles, and more.

Natural Aromatherapy
sells aromatherapy products, including essential oils, diffusers, bath gels, massage oils, and gift baskets.

Nature's Gift
aromatherapy essential oils.

Sunspirit Oils
focusing on the powerful medicinal capabilities of essential oils

Virtual Health 2000
Pat Pogue is a Certified Aromatherapist providing services in Langely, Vancouver, Canada.

Warren Botanicals
specializes in therapeutic and personal care aromatherapy products and in developing private product lines for day and destination spas.

Witch Works
offering non-synthetic essential oils and absolutes combined with garden grown herbs and flower blossoms.

World of Aromatherapy, A
essential oils information, properties, uses, and recipes.

Aromatherapy Outlet
Offers essential and carrier oils, candles, diffusers, and information on aromatherapy.

Nature's Inventory
Providing essential oils and aromatherapy products for the relief of restless leg syndrome, headaches, arthritis, and more.

The Body Garden
Custom blended essential oils available in spritzers, salt glows, massage oils, and lotions.

The Box Man
Sells handmade boxes for storing aromatherapy, flower essences, and homeopathic products.

The Ginger Tree
Sells aromatherapy


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