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Pacific Institute of Reflexology
Reflexology products including foot, hand & ear charts, instructional video orDVD, books, Maseur sandals, Lafuma chairs, T-shirts, and self-help tools.

Maine Warmers, LLC
specializes in microwave heating pads and ice packs with information on uses and links to educational sites for a better understanding of when to use these products.

Director of IT Partner Listing
GiftRAP's Rehab Optima Therapy Software is the industry leader in hosted rehab software solutions.

21 Day Detox
body detoxification program that eliminates toxins encountered in daily life.

A World of Good Health
Alternative health products including herbal supplements, aromatherapy bath and body products, gifts, and apparel.

Advanced Health & Sleep Systems
Features magnetic therapy products, Chinese herbs, extracts, and more.

Alkalize Your Body
offers microwater ionizers, alkaline drops, infrared saunas, and more.
offers online medicine sales including a wide range of allopathic, herbal, ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies in addition to prescription drugs.

Alternative Health Products
Promoting health and person care products that are natural or nature in orgin.

Aqua Chi
offers a therapeutic foot bath.
increase vitality and body energy. Generates a bio-electrical field of energy when placed in water.

BAAR Products Incorporated
Vibrational therapy, violet ray high frequency, mind builders and stress reducers.

Bedbugs Superior Thermotherapy
offering products for natural pain relief using cold and heat therapy for children and adults.

Best of Nature
sells massage, aromatherapy, and spa products.

Bio Water Products
a concentrated water additive used for drinking & cooking, to accelerate the process of the nutrient delivery & waste extraction processes.

Bionic Products
work with negative ions and ionisers which benefit sufferers of Asthma, Allergies, Depression, and more.

Bioproduct Center, Inc
Manufactures therapeutic pillows, mattresses, and more from buckwheat hull, mustard seeds, and other herbs.

BioSonic Enterprises
develops and distributes sound healing and energy medicine products including tuning forks, vibrational medicine books, and health care videos.

BodyPure Detox Foot Pads
designed to remove commonly occurring toxins such as mercury, arsenic, and asbestos from the body during sleep.

offers herbal packs that help in relieving pain, stiffness, and tension.

offers a skin care products, bee propolis, and nutritional dietary supplements.

provides oxygen bar equipment, aroma therapy products, and other promotional items for conventions and trade shows, as well as individual businesses.

providing information and an alternative treatment for the relief of chronic and acute bronchitis.

Cauldron - Oregon Collection
an assemblage of herbal and supplemental products, including massage creme, colloidal silver, and more.

Cedar Fork Herb & Minerals
sells products for a healthier, all natural spiritual life including medicinal silver, moisturizing soap, neutralizer, deodorant stones, and more.

authorized distributor of mind machines: light and sound technology, psychoacoustic soundscapes, lucid dream devices, negative ion generators, psionic devices.

products include a bioelectric hypertension apparatus for reducing blood pressure, hair loss treatment, and herbal supplements.

DaKara Kies Co.
alternative products for health.

Do Not Disturb
offers herbal relaxation and therapy products to relieve tension and stress including body wraps, booties, mittens, and neck pillows for home usage.

Doctors Health Supply
offers traditional and alternative products and supplements.

Dorcas Co.
sells portable oxygen generator.

Dr. Clark Research Association
offers supplements, books, and more from Dr. Hulda Clark.

Dynamo House Pty Ltd
offers aromatherapy, esoteric, fun, occult, recycles, environmetal and informational products.
offers a suite of products and exercise program to help people grow taller.

develops and markets alternative health products, including air mattresses, biofeedback, eeg, holistic dentistry, and mind machines.

offers products created out of a weave of stainless steel fibers including wraps, boots, and mitts for pain management and limb covers for phantom limb pain.

Feldenkrais Resources
features insoles offering to naturally increase height.

Genki 21
sells natural health products including sap sheets, herb teas, supplements, and other products from Japan.

energetic healing center and spiritual gift shop specializing in high frequency healing crystals, candles, bath and body products, incense, and more.

Good Health Alternative
offers products for smoking cessation, stress, weight loss, asthma and allergies, and more.

Goode Wraps
elasticized cloth bands impregnated with a blend of natural rare-earth semiconductors. Claims to provide relief from stiffness and pain.

Grampa's Garden Herb N' Body Shop
provides natural therapeutic products including hot/cold packs, herbal pillows, essential oils, body and massage tools, and skin therapy items.

Grow Taller and Slimmer
offers bowleg straightening belt, HGH supplements, stretching equipment, elevated shoes, and more.

Growing Taller
offers products designed to increase height.

H.R Sales
Provides alternative health products: light therapy, holistic health, energy healing, color therapy, and tuning forks.

Health, Wealth, and Happiness
articles on holistic health including colon cleansing, parasite and gall stone cleanses, information on nutrition, and improving emotional, spiritual, and financial wellbeing.
offering a variety of products and information on Eastern healing, diet and nutrition, massage therapy, herbal healing, and more.

offers books, supplements, and personal care items.

Herbal Pacs And Lavender Eye Pillows
products that relieve pain and stress with a natural herbal process.

offering personal wellness products including massagers, magnetic therapy, home spas, SmartFoam pillows, and the PowerDent Plaque remover.

offers portable and reusable instant hand warmers and heating pad products.

Internatural Alternative Health and Beauty Products
carries a variety of natural products including body care items, herbs and vitamins, massage tools, green foods, yoga products, Reiki supplies, and more.

Intrinsic Health
offers holistic products designed to rebuild, revitalize, and rejuvenate the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

JD Yude Corporation
provides agarwoods for medicinal use and fragrance.

Joan and Rosemary's Natural Choices
features herbal salves, bath items, teas, tub teas, elementals, incense, and aromatherapy items. Custom made and wholesale orders available. Also offers classes in the local area.

offers natural products.

Life Force Energy
offers the Chi Machine aerobic exerciser and the Hot House for passive aerobic exercise.

offers the RayMaster, to reduce the effects of cell phone, computer, and microwave electromagnetic radiation.
Marilyn Farms
offers a complete selection of herbal products, vitamins, cleansing kits, and educational materials to support good health.

Medivibe Technology
tuning forks and other tools for enlightenment, sound healing, and vibratory therapy.

Natural Emporium
offers natural and organic products, air and water purifiers, healthy snacks, and more.
offer medicinal hormonal creams for anti-aging, arthritis, HRT alternatives, migraine relief, skin treatment, and more.

Norman Spence
designs and develops natural health remedies specializing in relief for arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, sciatica.

producer of a range of oxygen enriched products.

naturally oxygenated water for improving the immune system, reducing bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

Oxygen Bar
provides equipment for oxygen bars including generators, aroma stations, chairs, and furniture for hotels, wellness centers, and more.

Pain Ease
organic microwaveable moist heat and freezer cold pack/wrap.

treats pain without medication utilizing the technology of TNS/TENS.

Precision Pill Splitters
designs and manufactures precision pill splitters that halve and quarter prescription medications.

Prolex Height Booster
growth nutrition to help you grow taller.

Protonics Neuromuscular System
re-educates the core stabilizing muscles of the body. It corrects the root cause of knee and back pain, sciatica, patellar-femoral, and scoliosis.

Quality Life International
manufactures, designs, and markets personal healthcare products aimed at promoting holistic medicine and natural alternatives.

Developer and marketer of diversified health products, including the Cold-Eeze family of zinc gluconate glycine lozenges, gums, and tablets.

RainTree River Joint-astic Creme
offers a cream containing glucosamine, emu oil, and MSM to provide relief for people with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, sports injuries, painful knees, and muscles stress.

offers rudraksha beads for healing and well being.

Rockwell Scientific Research
offers original Rife Machines and Technology featuring the RPG-900 Frequency Generator which uses radio frequencies to implode hazardous cells.

Rudra Bhandar Authentic Nepal Rudraksha
offers Rudraksha holy beads to cure all kinds of diseases as well as bring prosperity and good health to any person.

offers individualized Rudraksha and Shining Lotus malas, gems, puja items, and Veda astrology consultations.

offers an instructional video collection on alternative natural herbal home programs for curing and preventing last-stage diseases such as cancers. Health, Nutrition and Sports
offers a variety of alternative health and nutrition products and sports supplements including a pill crusher, barley green powder, juicers, and Rx consulting services.

Sound Healings - Jonathan Goldman
an exploration of sound healing to balance body, mind, and spirit. Training and workshops, as well as tools available. Uses instruments, chants, Tibetan Deep Voice, and other methods.

Source of Health
offering vitamins and minerals, cleansing products, oils, and more.


Tens Units Website
offering rehab and pain relief devices including Tens Units, EMS, and interferentials.

The Golden Energy Institute
Offers an herbal belt system and a breathing method video for natural, long-term relief and recovery from internal organ disorders and muscle and joint pain.

The Therapy Shop
Alternative health web site providing information and products for a wide range of health issues and therapies to improve specific ailments.

the instant heating pad that can be reused hundreds of times.
relaxation products to help customers cope with stress, learn to relax, and more.

Utopia Silver
offers colloidal silver, silver generators, and supplies.

VP Specialty Products Inc.
Our Topical Pain Relief Spray targets arthritis, joint pain, sore muscles and more! Spray it on for safe, fast, soothing pain relief.

W.L. & M. Bennett
natural honey products. Relieves stomach ulcer symptoms because of its non-peroxide activity.

Wheat Bags Australia
offers Australian-made, wheat-filled bags that can be used either heated or frozen for pain relief and relaxation.

Wheat Heat
pillow filled with Swedish wheat and lavender to maximize heat penetra


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