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Greatist - Health and Fitness Articles, News, and Tips is the trusted health & fitness source for the young, savvy, and social.

AllHealthSource- The Internet Health Resource Partner Listing
Health reference website providing current news, articles, and directory internet search. Your one stop source for all health information.

Health topics, lifestyle magazine, discussion forum, news and research.

A Second Opinion Medical Information Services
Medical treatment options, physician background check service, best hospitals and doctors. (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)[Fee based service - ed]

Accent Health
Health TV network produced by CNN and delivered to medical waiting rooms across the US. Includes programming guide, articles, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.
Provides basic information on medical conditions and procedures including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, predicted outcome and alternative diagnoses.

Apples For Health
Weekly consumer news e-zine on a variety of healthcare topics.

Ask a Patient
Provides a database of patient opinions and ratings of medicine effectiveness. Also includes weekly consumer opinion polls on healthcare topics, and a health care research assistance section.

Ask Dr. Stoll
Offering information about combining conventional and alternative medicine. Bulletin board, articles, and related links.

Beat Your Health Condition
Educates about common age-related health conditions and offers dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional supplement protocols to treat them.

Best Doctors
Comprehensive knowledge-based medical referral service.
Health news and medical information community for consumers.

Cochrane Consumer Network
This international group dedicated to the study of evidence-based medicine, explains how to decipher clinical studies and how to use them when making decisions about medical care.
Includes information on clinics, family wellness, disease prevention, diet, exercise and pharmacies.

Doctor Healthynet
Offers diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases, medical procedures, preventive health guidelines, and sources of free medicines.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin
Reports on health, fitness, and nutrition news from talk show host Gabe Mirkin, M.D., in text and audio form.

Dr. Koop's Community
Former Surgeon General Koop's resources for health information. A wide variety of topics, an encyclopedia, pharmacopeia, and resources guide.
Identify symptoms to make a self-diagnosis; set up online consultations with physicians and therapists; view online medical dictionary of diseases, treatments, drug information.
Offers articles on diets and weight loss, exercise and fitness, alternative medicine, mental health, aging, spiritual healing, and general health.

eMedicine Health
Information for consumers on the symptoms and treatment of nearly every type of disease and health condition, first aid procedures for accidents and injuries, and physical and the emotional well-being that contribute to general wellness.
Offers resources for consumers on medical conditions, treatment and research.

Halls MD
Clinical calculators of body surface area, breast cancer risk and body mass.

Health & Family Resource Guide
Personal and professional sites containing valuable information and links.

Health A to Z
Includes a directory of more than 50,000 professionally-reviewed Internet resources, supportive online communities, and a calendar.

Health Communication Network
Provides the up-to-date health information on a variety of subjects.

Health Consumer Alliance
Provides information to consumers and advocates about access to health care for low-income consumers, including consumer education materials in 13 languages.

Health Forums
Customized libraries of health and well-being information. Log in to access an extensive library of resources.

Health In Depth
Health information links to newspapers, magazines and internet resources.

Offers information on men's, women's, and general health topics.

Contains health news and information, including a health encyclopedia.

Healthfinder (tm)
Resource for consumer health and human services.
Offers information including diseases and conditions, nutrition, exercise, mental health, live discussions and a message board.
Grades the performance of hospitals, physicians, health plans, nursing homes and other health care providers in the United States.
Provides health and medical information, written by professionals for consumers, and offers interactive online events and educational videos.

Free reports on body fat percentage, body mass index, calorie burning activities, target heart rate and smoking costs. Online health risk assessment which provides resources based on your health risks.

Internet Health Library
Searchable index to healthcare sites.

Laurus Health Information
Information on health conditions, pharmaceuticals, medical news, plus profiles of physicians and hospitals. Free registration.
Offers information on topics such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrom (IBS), hypertension, and epilepsy.
Clinical experts provide current medical information and news on health topics.
Provides health and medical information, health tips, resources, experts, news, chats, and community support.

Providing consumers with healthcare information and resources in every medical specialty. Providing physicians and patients with an efficient way to create and store medical records interactively.
Nurses trained to answer questions on a variety of health topics.

Medical Consumer Guide
Medical information pertaining to primary care, elective care, dental care, vision care, and drug and products safety and health.

Medical Elite
International medical consulting and information company that specializes in locating medical specialists. Translated into English, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and other languages.

Provides interactive free health information on Womens, Childrens and Family health concerns. The site also includes extensive information on herbal medicines, supplements and First Aid. Bilingual, English/Spanish.
Offers guides to American hospitals, health clinics, medical practices and specialties.

Medicine OnLine
In-depth information on cancer for health care professionals and patients.

Information on diseases and conditions, support groups and drug information.

Provides information on health and wellness, daily health news and message boards.
Find symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment of conditions and diseases. The content is categories and a newsletter is offered.

Online Health News
Online Health News is a portal for all health-related news and information around the web.

Global International health, medical and disability resources database. Categorized medical condition search for people with disabilities or health impairments, their families and those providing services and support.

Locate health professionals anywhere in the world.
Science related resources for the public on health and disease. Discussion boards, chat, news, patents, clinical trials and books.

Consumer health information including a medical Q&A database and an Australian drug database. Covers infertility, emotional health, sexual health & integrative & complementary health issues.

An interactive medical diagnosis and treatment reference that uses brief yes/no questions about a users symptoms to arrive at possible conditions and treatments. [Please note the 'Warning' before proceeding - ed]

The Doctor's Doctor
Explains how to interpret laboratory, surgical pathology, and cytology reports and provides information about various conditions and diseases. Maintained by a group of pathologists.

The Health Resource, Inc.
Specialized medical research reports on mainstream, experimental, and alternative treatments, specialists, and support organizations.

The Lifestyle Doctor
Information on lifestyle issues and simple ways to help oneself.

The Obesity Forum
This site is an informative one to educate and to guide in those things we have not been taught,
such as eating healthily and nutritiously avoiding the excesses.

UHealthy Network
Global health information network and community that integrate every aspect of Health and Fitness in one place.

Wellness Hour Medical Informational Talk Show
A medical talk show aired in over 100 cities throughout the United States.
Includes health resources, discussion and news.
Provides information on a wide range of health and medical topics. Articles are reviewed by distinguished physicians


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